Monday, April 12, 2010

The Marburger Experience

The Marburger Antique Show is like none other.  I really don't know how to explain this.  Maybe it's the anticipation that you can't shop with the vendors until that Tuesday morning or if it's because you know some of the best designers will be there putting together some really over the top displays or if it's because so many of my friends are there and I just know I'm never disappointed with what they bring and how it's displayed.  Whatever the reason is and I'm sure you could add so many of your reasons to this list, it's still just an experience like none other.

I always take so many pictures of so many displays that I'm not sure where to start or even how many posts it will take to show you all.  I will go ahead and show you Gwen's displays because after all I did promise her I'd start out with hers.  Let me first tell you about Gwen.  She is just one the funniest and craziest girls to hang out with.  She has such a great personality and she always has a smile.

Now look at this statue.  Is this awesome or what.  Gwen always finds a lot of French antiques since she gets to travel to Paris on buying trips, lucky girl.  I believe her and her sister put these displays together.

Loved this display of rosaries:

These blue apothocary jars were just gorgeous:

Look at these vintage flowers:

I wanted this whole display, just loved it:

Want to see more of Gwen's booth, click here.  Gwen also does the Miss Frenchy Antique Show in Kansas.

On to the next booth. Let's stop off at Laurie's for a second.  Laurie was new to the show, well as far as selling, it was her first time. 

I think she did a great job.

I loved the cow picture and the typewriter, loved it all together.


Her pillows are just gorgeous.  So pretty Laurie.  If you want to see more of Laurie's space, click here.

Next, let's head on over to see Jo and Gina's booth.  I loved that Gina was shopping until the last minute.

Of course if I could I would have bought everything in this display.  By far my favorite in their booth.

Don't you love these mannequins:

More great mannequins and loved this pie safe:

Here's the finished product with Magnolia Pearl's clothes:

Do you want to see more of their booth, click here.  Tomorrow, we'll head back to Marburger for more awesome displays.


  1. You could post about your shows everyday and I would never get bored! Thanks so much for always sharing!

  2. Oh I just had so much fun going through these pictures. Enlarging them so I could see every little detail! I wish I was there! Thank you so much for sharing them. Kim

  3. Oh what fun. Just found you, and feel like I'm traveling through Warrenton with you, discovering so many beautiful treasures! Love the rosaries, apothecaries and, of course, the mannequins! Thank you for sharing. Happy Hunting ~~ Jeanne

  4. Nice way to start off my morning. Delish~

    I love the silver stacked trays. I think I will borrow that idea. I will have to do some rearranging, in order to find a space, on one of my walls. Isn't that the way we do things around here. Constant change to make room for more lovelies.


  5. Oh my heart is beating you create such beauty hope to one day come visit. xo Laura

  6. Marburger is the show I've wanted to go to. My friend, Susan Wheeler, does a space there. Everything looks fantastic. Love Gwen' booth..that statue! Thank you again for posting these pictures.

  7. Thanks for the Promo Thersa...I saw you at RT, but you were busy selling so I didn't interrupt! Hope your sales were terrific! I missed Judy Hill's booth, hope you got some pictures of hers...i will check back to see!

  8. As always you make me feel sorry I missed the shows and HAVE to get there next time!

  9. I can't wait to do Marburger this coming Fall, it'll be my first time there.
    Of course, I'll still pop over to see YOU! Wouldn't miss you for the world! :-)


  10. Wow, thanks for the shopping experience in Texas! I think the booths are more 'creative' and 'showy' than Brimfield.

  11. Wow, this looks like so much fun!
    I love seeing the photos evey if I can't be there and BUY!

  12. Well, I feel like I've been to ancient Greece, that statue is just so incredible! Your photos are wonderful, I always have to enlarge each one to take it all in. Glad you joined in the giveaway! Are you rested up yet? Thanks for taking the time to post all this deliciousness!

  13. You know what I love about the antique fairs in the USA? Everyone goes to so much trouble to set up their booths. they looks so gorgeous and inspiring! Wish I could go as I see lots of things I would love.

  14. Great stuff!! I don't feel so left out of the loop knowing I can just view your photos. Thanks for sharing~

  15. Gwen is a hoot and a half...just way too much fun. Her space looks wonderful and Laurie outdid herself.
    Never guess she was a newbie!

  16. Gwen is one of my fav people at marburger. she is a hoot. Lauri's booth was beautiful. I had a blast with her as my new neighbor.



  17. Wow!
    Love all of the photos!
    Found your blog through Heather's!!
    Happy Monday, and thanks for the great little tour.

  18. It really is an astounding experience! But it isn't just Marburger. Truthfully, some of my favorite booths are at the other shows (like yours, of course). A person could spend two weeks and still not hit everything. I can't wait to get there! thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm enlarging them and drooling over them too.

    Blessings... Polly

  19. i love that gwen...she is a character!!! so thrilled that lauri had such a great show! makes me smile :)

  20. Hey Miss T, I am a little slow catching up on my fav blogs. Thank you for the kind words and thank you so much for helping me the first day, I was just crazy and forgot to thank you. I really appreciate it. It all still feels like a dream and I had a blast at the blog party it was wonderful as you, lauri


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