Monday, May 09, 2016

May Show

Hello, I know it's been a while since I've blogged.  It seems there's never enough time to do all that I want to, but wanted to give you a heads up where we'll be next.  Our Next Show is the Vintage Market Days in Hempstead Tx on May 20-22.  Hope you make plans to come to see us.  I've included a list of our shows through August as well.  As the Fall approaches I'll post more of our shows.  Hope you've all been well.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Rusty Chippy Show this weekend

Count down to the Rusty Chippy Show in Huntsville Tx this weekend. Here are just a few vendors that will be here. We've all been working hard to find awesome things. You don't want to miss this show.

Here are times and more info. about the show:

Saturday March 12th from 10-5
Sunday March 13th from 10-4

Hope to see you there.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Rusty Chippy Antique Show in Huntsville Tx

Have you got ready to attend an Antique Show but you had no idea who the vendors would be that would be there or even what they might be bringing.  Several antique shows that I set up and attend have been including lists of their vendors and even including photos to give you an idea of what you might find there.

I think this is a great idea.  It lets your customers know some of the vendors that are setting up there especially if links are included for their website.  It paints a picture of what the show atmosphere might be like before attending and whether you should bring the car, the big truck or rent a U-Haul!

Since Frederic Morris and Greg Bahner are the show promoters of the Rusty Chippy Show in March and the Huntsville Antique Show in September I thought it would be fun to follow them for a day to see what they find.  Well to be honest, you'd have to follow them every week.  They are all over the great state of Texas finding rusty gold for the show and their booths in the various malls they are in and promoting the show.

Here's just a small preview of some of the current and previous finds for the upcoming show as well as a  snapshot of their booth during a previous show:




All Photos: Huntsville Antique Show

Be sure to follow their Blog, Huntsville Antique Show
On Facebook: Rusty Chippy Show

Their Website: Huntsville Antique Show

Instagram:  Huntsville Antique Show

Be sure to mark your calender's to attend this show on March 12 and 13 at the Walker County Fair Grounds on Highway 30 West, Huntsville Tx.  Please help spread the word about this show and let them know you're coming to the show!!  Stay tuned for more updates about other vendors that will be here as well.

Spring & Upcoming Shows

Well I guess by now we all know the ground hog did not see his shadow, which means an early Spring.  I love Springtime in Texas, it's my favorite time of year.  This also means we are a few shorts weeks away from the Big Antique Show season starting. 

Starting next week we'll be at Fredericksburg Trade Days on Feb 19-21 and then we'll hit the ground running.  March 12-13 is the Rusty Chippy Antique Show in Huntsville Tx., the next weekend we'll be back in Fredericksburg Tx on March 18-20 for Trade Days and then it's time for the Big Antique Show at Zapp Hall.  From March 21-April 2 you'll find me in Warrenton Texas in my same spot along the fence line before you exit Zapp Hall and enter into the Renck Hall field. 

Maybe I'll have a few days to play in the dirt and tend to my plants before I'm gone.  Hope to see you down the junkin road!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Big Red Barn Antique Show

The Big Red Barn Antique Show also known as the Original Round Top Antiques Fair is this coming Friday and Saturday in Round Top Texas.  There is no longer a Sunday show.  I hope you'll join us as well as many vendors that will be participating at this show and many surrounding shows.  There's tons of places to shop this Friday and Saturday so don't miss out coming to the Winter Antique Show.

Just look for this sign and you'll find the venue.  It's located on Highway 237 just past the Carmine Y as they call it in Round Top Tx.

I'm bringing lots of white, garden and vintage concrete items, and architectural items as well.

And here's a map that shows you all the venue's that will be open:

Be sure and visit them all.  And will you['re in the area visit Festival Hill, the gardens there are just beautiful and of course eat at Royer's.  Hope to see you!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

January 2016 Shows

We already have two shows booked for January 2016.

 Picture: Via Pinterest

We'll be at Fredericksburg Trade Days January 15-17 and

The Big Red Barn Antique Show in Round Top Tx on January 22-23 (there is no longer a Sunday show)

I'm working on a new venue for February, so stay tuned.

Hope to see you at one of the shows.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December Fredericksburg Trade Days

This Friday to Sunday is the Fredericksburg Trade Days show and our last show for the year.  I'll be in a new location.  I'm setting up beside Sister Treasures cottage on the main road.  It's going to be a white Christmas, minus the bad weather.  It's actually going to be perfect weather for shopping.  Hope you come out and find me.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Christmas in the Country Show @ Zapp Hall

If you haven't heard already, there's a Christmas in the Country show at Zapp Hall in Warrenton Tx starting tomorrow at noon.  There are over 30 vendors set up in different areas, the main hall, outside in tents, and myself and another vendor are inside the Red Barn.

The show starts tomorrow at noon and goes until 8pm.  Saturday it's from 10-8 and Sunday 10-2.  I hope you make plans to come shopping, there'll be EggNogStravaganza from 6-8 on Friday and Saturday.  Take your photo with Santa or Rudolph and shop with all the great vendors.

There's lots of activities going on in the area, in downtown Round Top and all the way to Burton.  Lots to do and have fun shopping too!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Vintage Market Days, Our Next Show

We had a great show at The Gypsy Market in Spring these past few days.  Sold lots of things and was really happy with how the show was going, but sadly I'm not sure if I'll be setting up here again.  The show promoters have decided to double the rent, good for them, but bad for us a show dealers.  I know the economy is sometimes tough in this biz and the more rent we have to pay the more we have to increase our prices to the public.  While I had a great experience here and they were very good promoters I just have to consider shows that are within my budget.  Here is a picture of my booth the first day of set up. 

Our next show is in Hempstead Texas at the NW Houston Vintage Market Days.  I'm pretty excited about being a vendor for this show.  They have shows all over Texas and beyond and I've always heard the huge crowds they draw in are amazing.  They are advertising it as "Dreaming of a White Christmas" and ideas are spinning in my head.  Can't wait to begin pre-setting up my booth (I always try to pre-set up in my yard so I'll know exactly what to take).

The very next weekend, we'll be back in Fredericksburg for Trade Days.  My December show schedule is still pending...

I'm also in Uptown Vintage in Huntsville.  Hope to see you soon at one of the shows.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Gypsy Market

I know I haven't kept up with my blog, but wanted to let y'all know we are going to be setting up at the Gypsy Market in Spring Tx this Thursday through Saturday.  Here's a picture of one of the vendors during this past Spring Show.  Hope you make plans to come and see us:

We're working on another show for November and will let you know the details once I know and we're heading back to Fredericksburg for the first November show.  We will not be there for their Thanksgiving Show.  I'll be spending some much needed time with my family.  Hope to see you down the junkin road!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Antique Show Season is Here!!

********I've posted this before, but decided to revise it****************

I’ve always considered the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Show as my “soul vacation”.  I first heard this term used by the Junk Gypsies and for many years when I worked full-time this was my only vacation.  While it may have been a working vacation, I really didn’t mind the fact that I worked harder at this job than I did my full-time job.   

Now that I’ve retired, it still rings true.  I still work harder at this than any 9-5 job I could have.  

(one of my fav booth sets ups during a previous show at Zapp Hall)

I usually set out early carrying down one of many loads to get ready for the show.  Sometimes I feel like my truck looks like this:

I love the drive that I make to Warrenton.  Once I hit Highway 237 I know I’m almost home free.  It’s always such a beautiful drive there.  Once I see this sign I know I've made it:

I'll be making the drive from my home this year, but during past seasons we've been coming from a different direction.  This month I will NOT be at Fredericksburg Trade Days.  I'll be back in October.

Setting up in a cow pasture/field for two weeks is indescribable.  I have friends that have never been and they ask me to explain what it’s like to be there.  It’s hard to do this, you’ll actually have to come and experience it for yourself but I’ll try to give you a taste of what it’s like here.

This is a small idea of what you'll see in any direction.  (Pic: All things Beautiful)

This year I'm coming back home to Zapp Hall in the heart of Warrenton.  It’s located off the main Highway of 237, just look for the Zapp Hall sign, you can't miss it:

When you arrive, you will see treasures in every direction.    You might even see a boat:
The show covers miles and miles and this will cover many towns so be prepared to be in awe from all that you see and maybe an occasional traffic jam:

Take your time and enjoy all that catches your eye.   You might see a lot of legs:

 Get there early and be prepared to walk and then drive some.

Since I stay fairly close to where I'm selling, I usually wake up early, coffee is already brewing or bacon frying and people are stirring getting ready for the day.  Sometimes I'll get a quiet hello, or just a nod.  Something always catches my eye and then I'll notice dew is still on the treasures.   

There’s just a peacefulness and calmness here that can’t be reproduced in any part of the world.  You won’t find big box stores here, but if you are looking for one of a kind treasure, great stories to be told, peaceful mornings, a small piece of Heaven, hanging out with friends and laughing until your sides hurt, and just an indescribable experience then come to this small Texas town.  We’ll leave the light on for ya!!

Oh and don't forget your boots and prom dress because there is always a party to go to and especially the Prom held by the Junk Gypsies at Zapp Hall.

See you at Zapp Hall field starting on Sept. 25 and I'll be there until October 3!!  And yes there will be a Blog Party, it's on Friday Sept. 25 at my booth, I'll post more details soon.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

August Antique Shows

We are headed to the Hill Country twice this month, back to back weekends.  This weekend we'll be in Austin Tx for the City Wide Garage Sale and then the next weekend we'll be in Fredericksburg Tx for Trade Days weekend.  Hope to see you at one of the shows:

Aug 8-9: City Wide Garage Sale, Austin Tx 
Aug 14-16: Fredericksburg Tx Trade Days

But before then, we are headed to J Hill Designs "Destination Garden" Open House tomorrow morning.  You know we gotta go junkin before we go selling!

Pic: J Hill Designs Christmas Open House

Monday, July 27, 2015

Last Trade Days

Happy Monday everyone.  I had someone ask to please post more pics of Fredricksburg Trade Days.  Since I do so much more posting now on my Facebook page, I thought I would do a post in case there are some of you that possibly aren't on Facebook.  Yes I know hard to believe but I do have friends that aren't on Facebook. 

These pics were taken during this month's Trade Days.  These are pics of my space:

Here is Lori Allen Designs, House Wren, and Farm Haus.  Be sure and click on their names and follow them on Facebook.

The next Fredericksburg Trade Days is August 14-16.  Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July Fredericksburg Trade Days

Fredericksburg Trade Days in Fredericksburg Texas is this Friday to Sunday.  Hope you are making plans to shop here.  I'm located beside Barn 1 in a tent and I'm bringing a new load of things.  There are over 7 barns, tons of separate cottages, and many vendors that set up outside in tents, including myself, and several food vendors.  There's plenty to see and find.

Here are a few things I'm taking:

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Round Top Show

We were at Brandi and Kevin's field, The Show, this past weekend and had a blast.  It was nice seeing everyone.  We had never been to the 4th of July Parade that Round Top Tx puts on each year and I had always wanted to go.  It was a great turn out for the parade.  Thanks for the customers that came out and bought and support what we love.

Now it's time to get ready for the Fredericksburg Texas Trade Days.  It's a week from Friday and runs through Sunday.  Hope you make plans to come out and shop.  We have a new load we're bringing.

Here was my booth at this past weekend:

Here are a few things I found this weekend that might be going to Fredericksburg, if not you can definately find them in Warrenton in the Fall:

Did I tell you that we are going to Zapp Hall?  Well if not we are and I'm really excited...

Hope to see you down the junkin road!!

Thank you so much for following: