Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I'm new to this "blog" thing

I'm new to this "blog" thing, so please bear with me. I want to start out telling you about myself and my interests. My husband and I have been married for many years and we have two grown sons. One still lives at home and the other recently moved to Austin. We antique almost every weekend, when we aren't displaying at Antique Shows. We started selling antiques about 9 years ago in Antique Shops in Texas. I then discovered the fun and hard work of displaying at Antiques Shows, and I was hooked!! We set up twice a year at Zapp Hall, and occasionally a few selected shows in Texas.

I mainly deal in Cottage, White, Brown & Black decorator items, and anything odd or used in a different way. I love to take something and use it in an entirely unique way. For example, my fruit bowl is an antique fish aquarium. Here is a picture of one of my shows I recently did in Huntsville Texas, The Huntsville Antique show:

I've met some really great people at the shows and on our antique trips. One of my newest friends I met this past Spring at the Marburger Show in Round Top, was Theresa Smith. She displayed again this fall at Marburger Farm and her booth was over the top. I wish I had pictures to show you, but you'll get to see her creative eye in Country Living magazine in either March or April 2007. The way she takes things and displays them is unbelievable. If she lived in Texas (unfortunately, she lives in Kentucky), she should be in Uncommon Objects Antique Shop in Austin. She also does the Scott Antique Show in Georgia.

Speaking of Uncommon Objects, if you've never been to this shop, you have missed seeing some of the best display artists and stylist in Texas. When we visit our son in Austin, we always have to make a trip there. I can spend hours looking at all the displays and finds they have. Their website is www.uncommonobjects.com, but it doesn't do justice to their shop; you'll just have to go...

Linda Parker is one of the dealers in Uncommon Objects, that I just love how she displays. She also sets up at Marburger and Austin City Wide. She has a lot of black and white items, and one of her displays was recently on Curious Sofa blogs. Her picture was the black and white display, with all the thread.

Curious Sofa's blogs have great ideas and comments. I can't wait to see her house in Country Living mag; maybe her and my friend Theresa will be in the same issue!! I love this cabinet and all the wonderful blue/white ironstone:

Her blog is: http://curioussofa.blogspot.com

Also check out her friend Elizabeth of Elizabeth House for great ideas and finds in her shop. The picture to the left is one of my favorite displays; her website is: www.elizabethhouse.us.

Recently, I attended the grand opening of "Leftover's" Antiques destination in Brenham Texas. The owners, Michael and Ed, totally think outside of the box when it comes to their displays. The way they displayed ironstone, garden urns, architectural items, windows, shutters, cabinets filled to the brim with wonderful finds, was amazing. If you're ever in the Brenham area, you have to stop and be awed at their displays. Their shop is located on Hwy 290. Here is a picture of one of their fabulous displays:

I also love to visit Sue Balmforth's website: www.bountifulhome.com. She has a wonderful shop in Venice Ca., that I hope to one day visit and she's been in several magazines. Great ideas and finds!! Finally, check out www.shabbytownusa.com for unique and wonderful things. She has great pictures. I think she's out of California too!

Well, until we blog again, have a great week!!
Theresa, Garden Antqs


  1. Thank you for mentioning my website, how sweet of you! I enjoyed your photos as well - never tire of looking at great stuff! Thank so much,

  2. Thank you for mentioning my website..how sweet of you. I am originally from Austin, Texas...they have great shops there. Thanks so much for sharing the photos - love them!

  3. Hello!
    If you love Texas country inspiration, lease feel free to check out www.urbanprairie.net for everything vintage, chipped, faded and odd. Tons of Warrenton/Zapp Hall creative people.

    If you like the site, please drop me a line. It's always great to make new friends.


  4. Theresa, Thank you so much for your compliments about our little store. I love your blog also and all your favorite websites are mine as well. My partner Cindy and I love to use beautiful old items in unusual ways too. Your display is wonderful in this photo, I'd love to dig around in it! I used to shop Theresa's space when she was at Lakewood (but now at Scott's), too! If you're ever in the neighborhood we'd love for you to stop by! I'll save your blog as another inspiration site...
    take care,


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