Friday, March 09, 2007

March 12, 1982 7:00 PM

This was a very significant event in our life -- The birth of our first son, Brandon. He and his brother are such a joy to have around and I couldn't imagine my life without them. I'd thought I'd dedicate this blog to my son. Let me start out by telling you about him. Ever since he was little he's always liked to play baseball. As a matter of fact, his first word was ball. When most children say Momma or Daddy as their first word, he said ball. He played baseball from the time he was 5 years old until his Senior year in High School. He's also said from very little that he would go to college and thank God he graduated from Sam Houston State University, December 2005. Even through his college years, he played softball. And, now that he's on his own, living in Austin Texas and he still plays softball after work. I guess it's hard to get it out of your system! Before he was born, I was never really interested in sports, but it seems that when I'm around him I instantly become interested in the games he's watching; whether it's baseball, football, or golf. I think the truth is I truly enjoy my children, even if its watching their faces during a game on TV or just spending time visiting with them. I thank God that I have had the opportunity to be his mother.

I found this on Cindy's blog "" and thought it would be perfect for my son:
Here are a few photos of him through the years. I hope you enjoy seeing how my handsome son became a Man.
I love you Brandon and Happy 25th Birthday!!


  1. Happy birthday in advance Brandon.....great post

  2. I'm teary Brandon...what a handsome son.

  3. Thanks ya'll for the comments. We all had a great day.

  4. Happy Birthday to your wonderful son. Aren't boys great? He is very handsome even from a very young age you can see he was going to be a lady killer. Thanks for all the sweet comments and linking me opn your blog. I wish you much success at the show! Don't work to hard.

  5. It is a special gift from God to have children. You have certainly been a grateful Mother to them. God Bless you and your family. Sandi


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