Friday, March 23, 2007

Warrenton Bound

I'm bound for Warrenton Texas very early tomorrow morning, but before I'm gone for the weekend to set up my tent, I wanted to show you what caught my eye this past week. Of course, of all the painting of things, packing, and blogging, I picked up the new Country Home and Romantic Country magazines. You ask where did you have the time to read magazines, well don't we always make time to do what we enjoy? I really loved the Romantic Country issue and thought I'd share with you some of my favorite pictures. Sorry they aren't very clear, but if you pick up an issue, you'll see them more clearly. I haven't had much time to read the Country Home issue; which I'll do on my way to Warrenton tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have post show pics of various booths to show you when I get back. I don't officially start selling until next Friday, AND.... I CAN'T HARDLY WAIT!!

I liked this garden scene. Makes me want to grab a glass of tea and enjoy the garden room!

The next set of pictures shows the designers house that I featured during one of my last blogs, "House Sale". Here are more pictures of her fabulous house:


  1. safe travels! good luck with the show...I hope you come home with a empty load. take care,Gail

  2. Thanks for the well wishes. It was so hot today that it feels like summer, but that's just Texas weather. I'm headed back tomorrow to finish.

    Have a good weekend to you both,

  3. OOOH good luck with the show and make dough! :) look forward to pictures!

  4. Please take photos of the show! Wish I could go - thanks for sharing my blog - very kind of you.

    Elizabeth :-)


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