Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Texas Antique Shows Have Started

Happy Late Easter to all. We were out at the Round Top/Warrenton Texas Antique Show this past weekend and yes some of the shows have already started. There were several vendors and customers already on the grounds and some of them have been set up for a few days. There was a lot to see, just about anything you are looking for it's there. Here's a preview of our space in front of Zapp Hall:

The weather was pretty warm on Saturday, but on Sunday there was a chill in the air. That's what I mean where I mentioned in a previous post about the weather, you literally have to come prepared for it all. Yesterday I did get sun burned, but today I had on a long sleeve shirt and pants!
See ya on Friday at Zapp!!


  1. Wow ! Just found your blog. Wish I lived closer. There is always summer vacation plans LOL. Lots of wonderful antiuques in Texas I see. Can I add you to my list of favorite places/links? ~ Great Antiques! Karen

  2. Great pictures! I love that Hotel sign!!


  3. OMG Theresa I can't wait to get there!! I have been working so hard on my stuff and we just loaded out the shop!!! Headin' your way on Friday!!!! Marburger here I come!! Woohoo!! Here's wishin' you and all of us a fabulous show and tons of fun after hours!!



  4. oh Fun! I'll be out on Tuesday and Wed. April 1 & 2. I'll try to find you if your there!

  5. Miss Theresa,

    Thanks to you for your kind support and kindness. We are so excited about our blog.

    The Mutual Admiration Society
    aka Lauri & Lulu


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