Friday, May 09, 2008

Beautiful Places

I wanted to share with you some beautiful places/blogs. First, you know Lauri and Lulu's blog, Chippys, from the last post I introduced them to you. Lauri has featured her house (per my request), and it's so beautiful!! I love all the transferware, silver trays (how cleaver to hang them the way she did), and the soothing white and taupe colors. She really has a great collection of things and the way it's displayed just makes everything flow so pretty. Check her out:

The next blog I found through Shawn of Country French Antiques is Ink Vanilla. Just the name alone sounds so interesting that you can't help but want to see more of this blog, then when you view the great pictures, well it's just very inspiring. I believe she's an artist and she too has a talent for displays.

I have loved Susie's style probably the first time I saw her in one of the many decorating magazines she's been in. Some day I so hope to visit her beautiful shop, The Cat's Meow in Florida, but until I do here are pictures of her new shop for you to enjoy. If you are in her area stop by and see just how gorgeous it is. I'm also so excited that she's added me to her website as a favorite link. Thanks Susie!!

I wanted to introduce Jenn, she's new to the blogging world. I met her through her mom Deb during the last show at Zapp Hall. She loves to scrap book and anyone that enjoys this hobby knows it's just as addicting as antiquing/junking. Check out her blog and welcome her. This is Jenn and Deb at Zapp:

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay tuned for a special post probably late tomorrow!!


  1. Love the pics of the Cat's Meow.....has me purring! Always love the inspiration on your page.....keep it up girl!


  2. are the sweetest thing. Now every one in the whole world will see my house. Because you are so popular....I feel like I am in a magazine now. Thanks, for the shout out. Lauri

  3. You have the neatest postings, Teresa. And you share the greatest sites that I would probably otherwise never find!

  4. P.S. Me again. Why don't you ever show us your house? You show us everyone else's!

  5. Once again, you've inspired me by your pictures. Thanks for the heads up on the great blogs. Now I'm off to re-arrange my book shelves.


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