Saturday, May 31, 2008

An Eye for Displays

I first met Renee Jackson during the past Antique Show in Warrenton Texas, but I didn't know who she was until later. Well, actually I was so drawn to her booth displays at Bar W, that I couldn't quit talking about her things. From the pictures I posted, that's how Lulu and Lauri met her. This was her booth that caught my eye during Antique's Week in Warrenton:

These are pictures of a previous home that she sent me:

Renee will be displaying her things at the Red Barn Antique Show on June 21-22 in Round Top Tx. Stop by and see her if you are at this show.


  1. Glad you met Renee...she is a great dealer and a really fun person to hang with! She has a booth up here in Sulphur Springs at Town Square Antique Mall...that's where I met her. Thanks for sharing her booth and house with us. I know she'll be excited to be featured on your blog! Hope to see you soon...

  2. Oh my...don't ya just love the pitchers on that 'to die for' white piece...yummm...

  3. OMG, those pictures are amazing....I so bad want to come to that show in June, How much to fly to Texas for the day.....I have done crazier things. You were so sweet to post those pictures. They are outstanding.......You know I am still looking for that Hotel sign. Ha! Ha! Happy Sunday, lauri

  4. Renee's booth was fabulous! It was a bit off the beaten path, but then we all know thats where many sweet surprises often lie! The composer busts inspired me to drag mine out from, ummm, lets say a long time ago and display them on my piano.
    I can just taste the Summer Show at the Big Red Barn coming SOON!! Cant wait to see everyone and the great STUFF I just cant live without!!
    Thanks for providing this wonderful blog...the first place I begin the day! See you soon Theresa...

  5. Renee is FAB! She is also a hoot&1/2! Thanks for sharing the pics of her!
    I am so jonesing for TX!
    BUT LAURI...we can't go that weekend b/c we'll be at Lakewood (shameless plug) sorry.
    xo lulu

  6. I guess the word is out about Bar W Field. I bought a ton of stuff at Renee's booth last time. That's ALWAYS my first stop.


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