Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Antique Events

This weekend you have the opportunity to attend two Antique Shows. The first one is in Navasota Tx at the Grimes Country Expo Center, which starts on Friday. Linda and Ludmil and Renee, who both set up at the Red Barn will be at this show. I wasn't able to post any pictures of Linda, so here's your chance to see her booth in person. Click here for more information about this show.

(This is one of Linda's pretty displays in her home)

(This was Renee's pretty booth at the Red Barn)

The second show is on Saturday in Grapevine Tx at the The Red Shed. The Red Shed girls have found some really great French Antiques. Click here for a preview of what they have to offer:

(Photo Credits: Red Shed)

Now you have no excuse not get out and go junkin. You know there are plenty of shops along the way as well. Pack a lunch because you won't have time to stop and eat with all the stuff you'll find. Have fun!!


  1. It all looks wonderful! Have fun this weekend.

  2. More great stuff! I love to go junkin'!


  3. I'm convinced that Texas is one big antique/junque show,
    Great shots of Linda & Renee!
    have fun
    ox lulu


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