Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You are really in For A Treat

I just found out that Peg with French Vanilla and Meloney and Brian of the Seed Box Antiques will be at the Red Barn Antique Show also this weekend. Now, this is one of the best group of dealers around and if you miss this show, you are going to regret it. So, make plans and come out and have a great time. It's air conditioned so you don't have to fight the Texas heat wave.

(Peg's booth during the previous Marburger Show)

(Melony and Brian's booth during the January Red Barn Show)


  1. Hi Theresa, best of luck with the show. I know you'll do good. Take lots of pictures. I'm really thinking of trying to do Round Top in the Fall. Your pictures are great.
    Have a Blessed Day,

  2. Theresa...I am so excited to read about all of the great vendors showing their goods at The Big Red Barn! Be sure to come down to Emma's Folk Art Show and check out some great art! Tickets are good for entry to both shows! See ya soon!!

  3. On behalf of the Chippys...NOT FAIR NOT FAIR NOT FAIR
    Pls take many many pictures...If you guys out there in Texas don't go to see these great dealers then you need to have a pants-down whippin'
    xoxoxo lulu & lauri

  4. Hi Theresa! I hope to come out for this show--I think it would be a good introduction to the joys of Round Top. Thanks for posting all the great photos!

    Cathi B

  5. Hey girlfriend!
    I'll see ya on Sunday (shop is busy on Saturdays so can't get away until Sunday). Texan hubby will have his truck so, ready to do some shoppin' since I wasn't able to come in April. Tell Linda & Meloney I'll see them soon....hugs...deb

  6. i just came across your blog, and i LOVE it.

  7. Oh I love the things in their booth
    I wish I could go find some treasures!!

  8. Good luck at the show, Theresa.
    Don't work Cruz too hard either.

  9. Sounds like fun! I can't wait to see your photos.

    It's been a year since we were at Seed Box. Haven't been in that area of the state since then. It just might be time for a return trip!


  10. I absolutely love love love visiting your blog!!!! Everything is so beautiful!!!!

  11. I absolutely love love love visiting your blog!!!! Everything is so beautiful!!!


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