Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Antique Shows This Week

On Wednesday, July 2nd, at 9am if you are in the Malakoff Tx area be sure and stop by the Shabby Sale at Curious Goods. They've moved to a new building and always have fabulous things each month. I can't wait to see their new location and check out what they have. Here's a preview of their sale:

(photo credits: Curious Goods)

While you are in Malakoff, you might as well as take the short trip to the Canton Texas Flea Market. There you will find many great vendors. Here's just a few you will see:

Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest is located in Arbor III:

(Photo credit: Willow Nest)

Judy Hill is located in Arbor II, booths 219 & 220:

Lauri of Lauri Anna's Vintage Home is located in Arbor II, booths 125-127:

(Photo credit: Lauri Anna's Vintage Home)

She also is opening a new store on August 15, visit her website for details.

Maggie and Lillie are located in The Veranda on the grounds at Roads 43 and 43a:

(Photo credit: The Veranda)


  1. Hi Theresa, your so sweet to post pictures of the great booths at Canton. I wish them the best. I'll be going by Canton and missing setting up, but OH not the heat.

  2. Goin' thrifting today, yep, thriftin' for sure!! LOVE that chandelier. Wish we had one here in Idaho, my little vintage garden gal!!

  3. Hi Theresa,

    Lovely blog. Lovely places to shop antiques! Would love to visit these places.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog.


  4. Those little birds underneath that urn are ADORABLE!
    Have fun..I promise not to whine about not being in Texas
    xo lulu

  5. Oh you are just a wealth of information!
    I am working on two large design jobs and one set design otherwise I would absolutely be on a road trip with my best girlfriend! Who in our antique world can resist antique fairs and sales???
    Your photos left me drooling!

  6. Hi Theresa,
    I think I've been here before!
    I sure wish I was at Curious Goods right now, sure sounds like fun and that bed -- it's beautiful! Going to go take a look at some of the websites, thanks for sharing.
    Lots of pretties here.

  7. Oh, it all looks so dreamy... I wish I could be there!!

  8. I wish them the best !!!great post ! I love everything !

  9. Hi !
    I have come to visit by way of The French Garden House.
    This event sounds like a WEEK long adventure!!! (i wish it could be that long)
    I shall return! And wish I could get to Texas!

  10. Wow, love everything you posted, the colors are so beautiful.

  11. Everything you feature Theresa is so wonderful!! I love your taste and the way you take us with you! For those of us who don't get out much, it's truly such a joy to see the amazing talent out there ~ thank you for that, xxoo, Dawn

  12. You never stop bringing us fantastic pictures of these great shows. I dream of them. All of you are amazing artists.


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