Sunday, August 10, 2008

French Blue and Paris Boutique

I love to discover new blogs and websites and here recently while looking at other sites, I discovered Paris Hotel Boutique Journal. What an absolutely beautiful place! She's recommended a new French Decorating Book that I will definately have to check out:

She also mentioned a website FrenchBlue & Co. that has such beautiful things for sale. Check out Lynn's blog, she mentions so many places that you'll be there a while.

Happy Sunday to all!!


  1. Wow, thanks for the nice post!

    I wanted to check out your blog and see your post about the New French Decor and saw that you had posted about me and Frenchblue. I'm flattered! FYI, I also have a website, Just in case you want to see more.

    Will definitely bookmark your great blog. Just starting to look and already saw some great things...

    thanks again! Lynn

  2. I will, sweet chick!!!!! I've got to tell ya though that you are the "most gettin' around" chick I think I've ever heard of! Do you have the "franchise" on "ENERGY" or what, sweets?!?!?! I don't think the energizer bunny can match you for doing things!!! LOL....keep it up, my little cherub!

  3. Silly rabbit - see your post on Monday, April 21st.

    I orderd this book from Amazon the day you originally posted on this beauty, it was on back order, and I finally received it last week. Let me tell you it was well worth the wait!!!!


  4. Hi Teresa, We were told about this book at the spring show. Of course, we had to run out and get it. It is fantastic! Every time you pick it up you see something you missed earlier. My husband, Andy and I love your blog. Actually between you and the Chippy girls' blogs, we decided to start our own. We met Laurie and LULU at Warrenton also. We fell in love with them first thing. They recently featured our new blog on their site. We have you listed in our favorite links. Would greatly appreciate you adding us to yours if you wish. I would love to meet you in September and get to know you better. I know we are all working hard right now to get ready. It is so hot!! We just can't seem to make ourselves move!! I know we will all get there. Susan Broyles

  5. I was just looking at the blogs you mentioned, and I really love them. I like the French look and design. Thank you for letting us know about them. Have a great week.


  6. What a great post! I can't wait to order this fabulous book! Thanks for the heads up~I'm off to read more of your beautiful blog~:) chris

  7. Thank you for sharing! I will go check them out!

  8. Thanks so much, T! I'll be visiting these wonderful blogs.


  9. Tres magnifique, ma cherie. C'est moi, madame lulu. J'adore objets du tu aussi.
    just talked to TSmith...gonna see her this wknd at Lakewood 400...CAN"T WAIT TO C U 2...46 days
    oxoxox lulou


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