Saturday, August 30, 2008

Terrell Texas

As we headed down the road on Thursday to Terrell, I had never been to this town, but was anxiously waiting to arrive. It was all Deb's fault for luring us here (just kidding Deb). She had posted pixs of her friends home, Liz and Fran, and that they were having a sale. Well the pictures were just awesome. These ladies definately have a talent for decorating with the unusual. I was just in awe at all their displays/vignettes. I couldn't keep from staring and going back several times because you know you missed something the first time. Here's their beautiful home and if you didn't make it out to their sale, all I can say missed it!!

Look at the bicycle seat on the door, too cute!!

These girls said to tell the Chippy girls hello!!

Don't you think this is a little bit Urban Prairie style?

Okay, we are counting down until the Warrenton Antique Shows, only 26 days left. Are you READY??


  1. Don't blame me because we all have the same addiction.

  2. Did anyone notice the absolutely luscious wallpaper? I used to have a houseful of roses...alas no more. They are tres cool. I wanna go, too. Peg

  3. Hi Peg, that's one of the first things we noticed. They antiqued it themselves, it was pretty. So...when will you start your blog??

  4. T. love those baby heads, I hope you brought those home with you. See you real soon......Lauri @ chippys

  5. You're right! I missed it! What great stuff! Some day I'll make it to Texas...some day. And you'll be the first person I look up. You know where all the good stuff is!

  6. I just loved every thing, my eyes were just all over your photos. Sure wish I could have been there too.
    Such wonderful eye candy.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Ms T. I say the stupidest things...but I love reading your blog. You got me started on this blog stuff. I might start one this winter. You know I may be in your state all winter this year...can't wait!!! Thanks sweetie for being you. Peg

  8. OMG! Love the doll heads and parts! What can I say I am a freak!

  9. Is Texas on the other side of the universe...I heard it's big and far away...but sounds like a great place to play!!!



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