Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Do you have your Prom Dress?

Get your bling on, your cowboy boots, your hat or crown (depending on if you're a DIVA or QUEEN whichever YOU want to be), your favorite sparkly belt buckle --YES the one with lots of BLING, a famous-one-of-kind-design-Chippy bling necklace or bracelet (or you can find one at my booth at Zapp Hall) and hike up that vintage prom dress for the FAMOUS Junk Gypsy Prom, which is scheduled for October 2nd.

So do you have your prom dress ready yet? If not, no need to worry, you can find plenty on the grounds of Warrenton.

(Photo credits: GAV-Tin Star Field in Warrenton)

(Photo credits: GAV-Janet Romaine's booth at Cole's in Warrenton)
Here are few pictures to GIVE YOU SOME IDEAS to help inspire you to get ready for the Prom. So if you've never attended a prom, maybe even your high school prom, well here's your chance to let your hair down and relive your youth, AcT cRaZY, forget your worries, be yourself, you'll go back home a changed person!!!

(Photo credits: GAV-Prom Night)

(Photo credits: Junk Gypsy's)

(Photo credits: Junk Gypsy's)

(Photo credits: Junk Gypsy's)

(Photo credits: Junk Gypsy's)

(Photo credits: Cat's Meow Inc)

(Photo credits: GAV-Lola's Antiques in Harlingen)

(Photo credits: GAV-Bloom & Bee Swanky in Waco)

Remember what happens in Texas stays in Texas, okay we won't tell anyone that the pictures will be posted on a 100 blogs, but who's counting!!

Oh, BTW, in case you haven't checked lately to see my count down....15 days until we are in Warrenton!!!


  1. Should I make arrangements to stay until Fri. so I can see YOU in your cancans and boots? Oh and don't forget the bustier! I'll bring the camera. Deb P.S. I'm keeping y'all in my prayers until we see which way the wind is going to blow.

  2. Well Im in Pa but I am participating! I just put my Junk Gypsy stickers on my car today and funny....happened to post a photo of it with the stickers on ! hhahaa
    Oct 2nd...Ill have to get on it!

  3. JuNk GypSy LoVeS (and appreciates) GArDen ANtqS!!!! can't wait to see ya at the fleamarket!!!! xoXo

  4. Love the pictures, The chippy-bling is on its way to you.....Can't wait to see you....Lauri

  5. I still don't have a prom dress. I WANT that pink one you posted.
    Pls be safe during IKE
    oxoxox lulu

  6. I am going to just dress up at home that night and dance under the stars while the cats watch! So, I'll be there in spirit. Maybe I'll take pictures...


  7. Hey Theresa, you are such a blessing. If I couldn't read your blog everyday... I'd just go nuts! So blog on sister and I'm still hoping to see you all in Texas! Love, Patricia

  8. OMG I don't have a dress yet!!!

  9. So excited! I'll miss the prom this year but I'm just excited for the buying and meeting y'all. Prayin' for good weather..

  10. Theresa,

    Hope you've got your petticoats tucked away, stay safe while Ike passes through.



  11. Beautiful dresses...what a fab place....


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