Monday, October 27, 2008

Please Pray!!

Have you ever received an email so touching that you just wanted to stop and cry. Well, I received that email today. You know a lot of times with our blogs we'll post about fun events, but it's really hard to post about things that happen in real life. Today when Cheryl, owner of the Zapp Hall show, sent us this email asking for our prayers, my heart went out to this dear family. Baby Witt was born with Edwards Syndrome. I can only imagine what his family is going through, but what I can read and see is the love that is present here. As you can see I've added his prayer button on my side bar. To read more about him and his loving family, please click here. And also, please pray as God would have you to during this time.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalm 46: 1


  1. Prayers are being sent for all. What a wonderful world of blogging, to be able to share and express such love. ~Mindy

  2. with the powerful network you have created Theresa, this is sure to add to this wee ones life, I too recieved the e-mail but you took it a step farther and expanded it like a ripple affect it will continue to grow and become more powerful and gain strength, I know that his family knows we are all on board for this one!!!! Love Linda

  3. I will say a prayer for baby Witt and keep him and his family in my thoughts. Until you go through this type of experience you just can't know what it's like. It was not that long ago that I asked for prayers for my grandson who is still in his own battle.



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