Saturday, November 08, 2008

Absolutely Magical

Come with me on a magical journey into the land of Willow Nest. The glitter queen will kiss you with all things enticing and if that magic spell doesn't get you then Ludmil's works of creativity will. They have opened a new store in Burton and today is their open house. You must check out this place for yourself. You'll be swept into a land that of make believe.
As you wander into their place, it is just magical from the outside:

Here are the display windows that give you a peek into their world:

Don't worry ladies, it's all for sale. You must come early so as not to miss the wonderful things you'll find here:

Her signature color Pink is sprinkled throughout the store, just like the fairy dust you'll see:

There are plenty of French gowns and linens to be found here:

Look at these trees!! Can't you just envision them in your home:

Of course there are nest and eggs to be found for your Christmas decorating:

Look at these awesome white cabinets filled with vignettes of sheer delight:

I couldn't resist a white tree:

Here's part of the crew that showed up:

Myself, Renee of A Junk Queen, Deb of Talking Trash, and Cher of Texas Woman.

Can you guess whose hair Cher was trying on:

Doesn't Cat Daddy look cute!

The magical crew Linda and Ludmil, Kim, Renee, CD, Deb, and Cher.

Even on the porch you couldn't resist getting caught in the magic as Kim and Deb did. Hope you can make it out today to their open house.

We are headed to the Junk Gypsy sale today. Also, Leftover's Antique Shop is having their open house tonight. Stay tuned for their awesome displays tomorrow.


  1. I wish I could make it over to Brenham for the Leftovers open house.I will look for your pictures!

    Loved your Round Top photos. I came by one day to try to find you but no luck - I did snap a photo of the cute bunnies around the corner, though. Posted them on hill country house, too! Come visit me - I mentioned you in my current post!

  2. Their shop looks enchanting. Would have loved to go to the opening. Looks like everyone is having a very good time!

  3. What a lovely post you gave us... and my dear I liked the picture of me.... thank-you so much for all your help in every way! You have been so good to us from day one and don't think we don't appreciate it... see you tonite.. Love you, Linda and Ludmil too!

  4. You guys must have had a fantastic time!!! Lucky gals! Great photos! Ahhhhh, Texas.

  5. Wow you live in the best place! I am green with envy! And Linda--I still want one of those gowns!!!


  6. You beat me to the post and what a great post it was! Good cropping job. I'd love to have copies of the group pictures if you could send them to me. You took great photos of all of us. None of you tho and you looked Fab-U-Lous! Tn'T

  7. Hey, Just went back and looked again. I must of had glitter in my eyes because there you are looking beautiful in living color! I think I am tired! Tn'T

  8. Thank-you for showing Linda & Ludmils fabulous opening. I almost felt like I was there and I feel like I know you because of all the great things Linda has mentioned about you. I am envious. Lulu

  9. This was a treat for the eyes, and heart! The wonderland of pink and white was amazing Linda and Ludmil are amazing artists! The style of the shop is definatley Linda's and worth a trip to Burton to explore this confection.

  10. Oh, how I wish I was there... It all does look magical!! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos!!

  11. Beautiful! Your blogis so inviting. I have heard such wonderful things aboutyou from Linda and Ludmil. I miss them and wish I could be there for all the fun. Julie

  12. What a beautiful post, almost {almost} as good as being there. Great shop, and Linda and Ludmil have put together such beauty.
    xo Lidy

  13. Ohhhh what fun !! I want to go see their shop sooo bad ! I am dying to drive down there ~ it can't be too far from the Fort Worth area can it ??
    Thank you for the fun photos !


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