Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've Won an Award

from two of the best bloggers (okay three) and I feel so honored to have been nominated for being a Kreativ Blogger. Thank you Mindy, Lulu and Lauri. Here's what I'm supposed to do. Tell you 6 things about myself and nominate 6 blogs.

I want to first tell you about Mindy and Lulu and Lauri:

1. Mindy is a very talented person and with the kind of work she does, I know she could handle herself in any situation. She's also in an antique shop and finds really great things and I love the name of her town. I had the opportunity to sit down and visit with her and her sweet mother a few weeks back and then again at Bloom and Bee Swanky. She is really funny and the way she views life is just so sweet. I'm so thankful to consider her my friend!!

2. Lulu and Lauri - well it's funny that I can't say one name without the other. Just like Deb once said she thought they were a two headed woman. Each is very different personality wise and they have brought so much richness to my life and yes all within less than a year of meeting them at the last Spring Show. I feel I've known them all my life. These two girls would do anything for you, I mean anything!! I love them like my sisters.

Here are the 6 things about myself:

1. I have to talk with my boys everyday!! They are my heart, soul, life. Of course I talk with my youngest son everyday, he still lives at home, but my oldest son doesn't and calls me without fail!!

2. I love coffee in the morning, a really good cup of coffee and not just in any kind of cup. Coffee has to have lots of cream, okay I have a little coffee with my cream and sugar. has to be in a pretty cup! Weird right, I can thank my mother for passing this trait down to me.

3. Saturdays are spent garage sailing, well at least most are unless we are at a show or a flea market, but we stop at sales all along the way. You should have seen us one Warrenton show. The truck and trailer were full and we stopped at a sale. The lady comes out of her garage and meets us in the drive with the funny look on her face and says I don't think you could fit any thing else in that truck. I say oh yes we could, there's still room up front!!

4. Sundays are a ritual to me. Get up make coffee, get the newspaper, read in bed with husband, drink coffee, more coffee, then get up and go to Church. Every Sunday is like this without fail, even if we are on vacation!!

5. I am an addict. There's no cure or 12 step program. I've sure this is a shock to you, right!! I'm a junkaholic and blogaholic. Two addictions where there's no cure!!

6. I secretly want to work for Ralph Lauren or design windows in huge department stores--this would be my dream job and almost got the opportunity to do this, but my full-time job held me back. Just wait in 5 years, my resume will be all over the place for these jobs!!

Okay, now to pass on to 6 bloggers:

1. Debra at The English Cottage is new to blogging, but not new to finding cool stuff. She's bought from me for a while at Zapp Hall and I'm so glad she's started a blog. Give her a warm welcome to the Blog World.

2. Cheryl of Cheryl's Fascinating Finds is also new to blogging. Her home was recently featured on Jennifer's blog and I can tell she's very talented in decorating. Also, give her a warm welcome.

3. Cher of The Texas Woman is fairly new to blogging, but I'm sure most do not know that she's a very talented photographer. She gave me a few tips for taking pics and the one's she did take of me were very good. I normally do not like to have my picture taken.

4. Renee of A Junk Queen is a very talented person in the antique world, but I bet you you didn't know she moonlights as....yes a nurse. She does have a take charge personality, which I like about her. I had the opportunity to stay with her during the last show and I think we made great room mates. I let her talk all she wanted and well, sorry but I just fell asleep!!

5. Deb of What's Deb Doing takes great pictures and goes on the best trips. Her photography alone can tell a picture when no words are needed and she owns and operates a bed and breakfast in Carmine. So, if you are looking for a place to stay check her out.

6. Linda of Willow Nest Farms. No introduction is needed for her, she's just the magic glitter queen. She's been featured in several magazines and recently opened a new shop in Burton. She's new to blogging as well so give her a warm welcome.


  1. Ahhh! Thanks for your kind words! And congrats for two awards! I can't wait to check out your recommendations. ~Mindy

  2. I put people asleep every day, I work, Guess it's just my gift.

  3. Listen...I JUST started wearing mascara for the 'cold season' and if you say anything more Sweet I'll look like a Zebra's ass!
    ox lulu

  4. hello and Congratulations on your award you so deserve it. I really loved reading about your six things fun getting to know you better.

    Have a great week


  5. Thanks, Vintage Reporter, for the kind award and write-up. If it wasn't for your good example and promotion, many of us would not be blogging today. You're top shelf, as we say in the liquor business.

    The Texas Woman

  6. You are a very creative person...I found your blog by accident and am glad I did~
    Can't wait to

    Xo Kelly

  7. Wow, my first award, and comming from you I'm honored!!!! Well I'm gonna have to think about this one....the pressure is on,
    Thanks again Teresa,

  8. Oh, Theresa what a sweet thing to say, but truly we are blessed to have met you. You are a True Texas Treasure. And we are all part of the sisterhood, and TOT of course. Lauri @ chippys

  9. Well you aren't weird at all! I can say that because I match you on all 6 of them!!!
    I notice from statcounter that most of my readers came from your blog to mine today! Well, thank you :)

  10. Hi Theresa! I am new to blogging and I am thrilled to have found you! You are my FAVORITE Blogger and you inspire! I have recently been sitting on your site for hours just reading and looking at pictures. I want to be you!!!!!

  11. Congratulations, Theresa, you truly deserve it...! I so enjoy reading your blog!!


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