Sunday, January 25, 2009


As Deb of Talking Trash would say...FAB-U-LOUS was the only way to explain yesterday's shopping trip. We started out by stopping by Curious Goods first and visiting with the Curious Goods girls. Check out their blog for other great pics of this day! Here were pictures of their beautiful shop:

Here's Margo and I inside Curious Goods. Check out her blog for the continuing story of this trip.

Junkin Buddy, myself, and Donna of Curious Goods was giving us directions to the new shops in town. Can you believe there are 10 shops in Malakoff!!

Then, on to the Grand Opening of The Junk Palace. There were so many shoppers (lots of bloggers-it was a mini blogger party); what a great time we all had. Lillie and Margaret (who is also in her shop) have a great eye for finding things and displaying them. It was just so beautiful!! Here is what we saw, introductions first:

Here's Margo and Lillie, owner of The Junk Palace. You can find Lillie at Canton each month as well at The Veranda; check out her blog for more info. And...stay tuned for another secret about these girls and a shop owner in Athens (don't you just love surprises!!).

Here's the famous Talking Trash girl, Debbie, her equally famous husband "Cat Daddy" (he's probably going to get onto me for not showing him smiling, but then again maybe he was smiling on the inside) and Valerie of The Red Shed.

Here were more customers/bloggers, Renee's friend, Renee of A Junk Queen, Deb, Patti of Delighted Heart, and Junkin Buddy Marion. I did not take pics of Mayron and Marcie of Unique Unique Design, or Judy of JHill Designs, or Amy of The Funky Monkey or even Maggie. Sorry girls I was so in awe of everyone and everything. Just like Patti said on her blog it was just like the paparazzi was there with all the flashing of cameras.

When you first arrive to The Junk Palace, they have two display windows, which I'm sure will be changed periodically. Who knows maybe they'll be changed tomorrow with all the selling that was going on:

When you step inside the shop there a garden table and arbor to greet you. Have a seat, take your time, enjoy the ambiance of this shop:

Hey Lauri, they had butter pats!!

A pretty candleabra!

Another cute vignette:

From there, we stopped at Gloria's shop in Athens, Sweet Pea. Gloria's shop is located on Hwy 19 in Athens and she's going to open another shop right around the corner. I'll be doing a post about her grand opening very soon along with some surprises I have in store for you!

The last stop of the day was at my new friend Ann's place. It was so magical and calming, I could have spent hours here. She's invited us back real soon, so I'll be posting pics as soon as we return from visiting her.

Love the "DREAM" words. This probably best describes Ann's place, very dreamy!

I love how she used an old column base, sat on a table, with candles.

Of course this pretty white dresser and slip covered chair was just beautiful paired together.

Ann paired unlikely things together, like this white table and house vent to create shear magic. I think I should somehow talk her into decorating my house.

Look at all the pretties here!

What a great time we had visiting each of these places!! Be sure and check out the blog sites I mentioned for more great pictures and stories of this day.


  1. Oh Theresa, what wonderful pictures, and what a great venue to attend... You lucky girls!! I have to leave for a soccer game, but will be back to drool at all the wonderful eye candy you shared with us!! Thanks!

  2. Looking at these photos is so much fun! I felt I was on a road trip too! Want those butter pats! Wish I lived closer! Thanks again! Angie

  3. Oh my gosh, I am swooning over your pictures!!!! What an incredible day for you!!

  4. What a lot of fun you must have had!!! I wish I could have been there! ~Lori

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos! I know you two had a great time! What a great way to see all the blogging buddies!


  6. Thanks for the comments! You got some great pics! Can I grab one or two for my album? I missed getting your photo or one of Deb....well...I missed getting the bloggers altogether! I'll do better next time! Where is the last shop you blogged about located? Wish we could have visited'll have to come see me in SS. Did you find any goodies yesterday?

  7. Where to start, where to start? 1st-That IS his happy face! 2nd-Where the heck is Melrose-I gotta get there. What a great look she's got going on! Love the chandelier. 3rd-It might have been cold outside, but wasn't the warmth inside just the best? I hope Lillie and her rowdy band are walking tall today-they deserve it for a job well done! Aren't we all just the prettiest bunch of ladies you ever laid your eyes on? LOL!!! Well, you certainly are. Debbie To repeat: FAB U LOUS

  8. Once again I've enjoyed your pictures of other shops. It's always inspiring for me...
    Jana- shopgirl

  9. Why are there always butter pats in TEXAS??????????? I just need to be there.....Thank you for posting all the fab-u-lous pictures and so glad you have your camera back. We must go there in the Spring. I loved seeing everyone, I know you had a ball. Lauri @ chippys

  10. Thanks so much for the wonderful photos. What a nice tour. Lots of inspiration there!

  11. Looks amazing...and looks like I will have to take a drive over! :D


  12. Dang. Wish I could have been there but I was at a sex toy party. Drat the luck! hehehehehe

    The Texas Woman

  13. I love going to small town shops like that. Wish I was there too!

  14. WOW! What wonderful pics.
    It's good to be back again.
    Will come enjoy more when i can stay longer.
    Always so much to see here.

    Barbara Jean

  15. My girlfriend Beth over at called me up and said "You have to go to this blog, you are going to pee your pants!" Well when I pulled it up I almost did!! I love it love it love it!!! The pictures of the shops are great!! Thanks so much for sharing.


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