Friday, February 20, 2009

Serendipity Market

Laurie of Laurie Anna's Vintage Home is hosting a Serendipity Market this morning and tomorow at her location in Canton. You can check out her blog for more details. Also, Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest Farms and Kaci and Luann of Patina Green are also going to be there. Don't miss this spectactular event to shop with some of the best Texas girls around. You know you will no doubt find great things with them.

I really wish I could make it to the show, but have other obligations. Maybe these girls will post pictures on their blogs for us all to see what we missed!!


  1. I want to be there!!! By the way Theresa-how do you get to Round Top? I have never been. Hugzzz...Tiina...

  2. can someone please come to new jersey, we don't any shows like the ones you guys have in TX... :(

  3. I bet you're going to be heading in that direction tomorrow! Wish I could go..sounds like it's gonna be great! Anyway, if you do go, take lots of pics.

    Have a Fun Friday!

  4. Thanks for your welcome to blog land.. :)


  5. You'll have to be my eyes again. Lookin' forward to a report!

    The Texas Woman

  6. Texas just seems to be the place to be. Can you share pix if you go to this maket? The pormotion part is very inspiring- just makes you want to get int he car and drive 14 hours. It's our goal for 2009. We're thinking later in the and selling in style...Glad to have found your blog.

    Anita & Judy

  7. It was fantastic!!! All of it. Laurie is an amazing stylist, so unique. Patina Green was all natural and serene. I'm so glad I got to go today. It really delivered. Debbie

  8. I am just so excited that I clicked on your comment on another blog...I can hardly wait to see more. I have been reading and reading ...looking at all the wonderful photos! Oh thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful things!


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