Saturday, February 28, 2009

What a trip

We went to the Canton Texas Flea market and stopped at a few other places along the way. Every time we take a day trip it's never a short distance, sometimes I feel we've covered half the state of Texas, but we always have the best time.

We first ran into Peg of French Vanilla. She was on the hunt for great things. We later saw Carolyn of Carolyn Westbrook Home and Heidi who has a shop in Ardmore Oklahoma, The Cloverleaf Boutique. Here were the awesome displays we saw in Canton.

Hector had a great collection of vintage trophies. I bought a few with him and he said he has a huge collection he's bringing to Warrenton. Be sure and look for him and Susie at The Tin Star Field and The Rose of Texas show:

This was Melonie of The Seed Box Antiques booth in the Civic Center:

Next, we were on to see Judy Hill of JHillDesigns booth in The Arbors:

Here's Junkin Buddy w/ Peg:

The road then led us to see Jo Harmon in Quinlan:

I found so many cool things with Jo, a truck load. Next time you're in Quinlan Texas, stop be and see her at the Hunt County Trade Center, Hwy. 751, Shop #18 & 19 or call her at 903/456-4129.

Our final trip led us to Poetry Texas to see Mindy's space. Does anyone know where Poetry Texas is. Well I didn't and apparently my GPS tracker didn't either. It was a cute place to visit. I went in hopes of loading my couch I had bought from her, but guess what, no room at the Inn or Truck (I mean). We were loaded to the max, but she graciously offered to bring it to me in Warrenton:

Look who was all comfortable, what a cutie!! My next post I'll show you what I found. We're off to Warrenton tomorrow to check out the scenery. Can't wait to show you what the shows look like minus the tents and people. You'll be surprised!!


  1. Oh, Theresa! I should have reminded you...gps knows Primitiques as a Terrell address. That, most likely, would have helped. Looks like Miss Kitty was in her usual position. I'm sorry I didn't get to skip work and meet up with you. Looks like a fun trip! ~Mindy

  2. Oh, what an adventurous life you live. So much good stuff; I don't know how you find it all. You must have a GPS inside. Can't wait to see all the pics to Warrenton. Make sure and don't forget to take lots of pics during the show too. It'll almost make me feel better for not being there.

  3. Hi Theresa,
    How do you not lose your mind? I love each photo you've shown, especially the bed with the trees behind it. Love the plate rack of Mindy's, I've had my eye on it for some time. Can't wait to see your next post! Have a great weekend. Off the computer for the rest of the weekend (I'm going to try...).

  4. Why oh why are my indred souls so far away from me? I SO want to shop with you all!!!!

  5. I often enjoy your blog and it brings me to one question daily...Why is Iowa so far away from Texas? You guys have the best times at all of the fun places you have to shop. I have to live vicariously through your travels, but ONE day I will get there and probobly won't ever want to come home! You are so great at photos, narating and blogging. THANX!

  6. I can't wait to see what you bought! Everything?

  7. I swear you Texas gals have some of the most fun looking places to go to and shop! I want to go!!!

  8. Wow! Great photos. I love all the vignettes.

  9. I think I'd like to live in Poetry, TX. Currently I'm in Rhome!

  10. what is that pretty green floral fabric your cat is laying on? Is it curtains? I LOVE IT!
    Whens the first weekend of warrenton?

  11. be still my heart. All so lovely and SO FAR away from me:(


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