Monday, March 16, 2009

Where Do I Shop at the Shows (revised)

In a previous post, I mentioned I would share some of the places you could shop when you come out next week to the Round Top/Warrenton Antique Shows. Some of the shows start this weekend March 21st and run through April 4th. There are so many great places to shop and this is only a small portion of dealers not to be missed. One of the first shows you will come to when you turn onto Hwy. 237 is the La Bahia Antique Show. This places has dealers in tents on the outside and inside their building. I always love coming here because you can always find a treasure. Melonie and Brian of The Seed Box Antiques are located at this show. Their tent is at the front near the main road. Click here for pictures of their booth during last Fall's show.

The next show located about 5 miles down the road on the left is The Big Red Barn. This show is packed with dealers inside the barn and they've added tents on the outside as well. Tricia of The Red Door antiques will be located here. Check out her blog for details of her location and show hours.

As you arrive in Round Top, The Gone To Texas show is located on the left side. If you see the Merry Christmas store, you've gone to far. You'll find Donnie at this show. I've featured him previously on my blog and he has some of the best finds I've seen. I love his displays too! Be sure and stop in and see what he's found. Click here for last Fall's pictures of his space.

Right before you arrive in Warrenton, you will see The Texas Rose Show. Vickie is the owner and she always has great things and displays. Susie and Hector and Maggie of The Veranda are located at this show. You can also find Susie and Hector at The Tin Star Field in Warrenton.

Almost directly across the street from this show is The Marburger Farms Antique Show. Many of my friends are located here. You must arrive early at their opening day to find the best things. If you wait until the afternoon, all the good things are just about gone. Theresa of Time Worn Interiors, Shelley of Sweet Pea, Tricia of The Red Door, and Peg of French Vanilla are all located by the road in Tent H. In Tent A is Robin of Magnolia Pearl, Judy Hill of JHillDesigns, and Linda Parker is located toward the beginning of the tent. In Tent B is Mo McSwane of Rubbish and Co. and Terri Squyres of Garden Worthy. You'll find their links on my side bar or go to the Marburger website for more information.

At the Cole's Antique Show you'll find Janet Romaine of Rubbish II. She always has such unique finds, lots of ironstone, flash cards, and butter pats by the pound. Stop in and see what she'll have this Spring.

The Ex-Cess Show is located next to Cole's and here you'll find Michael and Ed of The Leftover's Antique Shop. Clutter is located next to Ex-Cess. On their opening day they'll have a party that afternoon to celebrate this and it's always a lot of fun to attend.

The Bar W field is located almost right beside Clutter. Here you'll find Renee of A Junk Queen, Susan of Found Around, and Donna of Curious Goods. Donna is new to this show. I know all these ladies have been shopping like crazy to find great things for the show. They will start setting up and probably already will be open this weekend. They are located by the port-a-potties. Be sure and go early to check them out.

Of course, there will be so much going on at Zapp Hall, you may not want to leave here. This show starts on March 26th. You'll find lots to do like eat at Royer's, have a blast at The Blog Party, dance the night away at The Junk Gypsy prom, and shop with these great dealers: The Junk Gypsy booth is located right off the main road, MaryAnne is located in the Chicken Coop behind the JG booth, my tent is located right in front of the hall. Bobby Boyd is located right across from me. There will be a lot of great dealers in the Big Tent (I misunderstood that Laurie of LaurieAnna's Vintage Home would be there, but not until the Fall). Gina of Country Gardens and Richard of Alston's Old Home Place are located in a big tent together. Carolyn Westbrook is located in her cottage across from Royer's and Deb of Talking Trash will be back in her old spot beside Royer's (I'm so glad she'll be there at least for a few days and she'll quickly go back to be with her daughter and new grandbaby). Stay and visit, eat, and listen to the bands that play in the evenings, or just hang out at the Bubble Lounge, which is always open during the show.

Still not enough shopping or fun, continue down the road and you'll find Gloria at the Gin Tent. She has a new blog and a secret writer that writes all her posts. Check her out here.

Jill is located at Little House on the Hill field which is right across the street from Third Base field. She's located by the creek. Jill has a shop in Lousiana called Jill Suzanne and she always has the best smelling candles around. They last a really long time. She'll bring lots of treasures and one of a kind things as well.

Last, but not least you'll find Lisa of La Rustique Market at the Tree Park Antique's Show. She's also new to this show, a first timer. Check out her blog for more info.

For more information on the shows, click on the websites or you can also find lots of info. at Show Daily.

See you in a little more than a week! I can't wait!!!! Click on the picture above to view some of last season's slide shows.


  1. Well, chickee, if I ever get to Texas I'll know where to shop now! are one busy woman, I tell ya.... Woohooooooo

  2. Oh, my gosh, this is the BEST information post! Believe me, I will be using all this information to arrange my stops for shopping! I don't want to leave Lurch by himself, so I needed this abbreviated stop map! You are the best...thanks! See you at the blog party!

    Theresa, I started a new blog. I will still be blogging on Moonlight Hollow but I will have an additional blog. My blog is called The Renaissance Chick. It is at: www.therenaissancechick.blogspot.
    com. Please visit!


  3. Thanks so much Theresa!! I'm going to print this ... so i can make sure to personally visit ALL these blogger friends in their spots!! I am getting so excited i can hardly stand it!! Yipeeee! Debra

  4. Hi Theresa,
    Good Luck at the show!!
    Wish I could be there.
    One day :)

  5. I cannot possibly read all of this in one sitting. My heart is going pitter patter with excitement at the first few stops! Yee haw! The time draws nigh! I'll be there! ~Mindy

  6. thanks!!!!!!! For the shout out!!!!!! I can't wait, but need more time.......eeeek!

  7. I see how it is...I'm just the cab driver! No more nude paintings for you.

    Cat Daddy

  8. Great post! The only problem, I want to go right now! Thanks! Angie

  9. I can't even stand to look.

    Everything at RT appeals to me....stop it now!!

  10. Oh my goodness, the time is moving sooooooo slowly. Can't wait, my daughters and I will be there on Saturday the 28th, along with a bunch of friends who are coming for the first time. We'll be back on Thurday late for junk prom and then shopping again on Friday. Hope the recent rain will help the bluebonnets. We're having the hugest yard sale this Saturday so that we'll have plenty of shopping money to bring.


    Carol Casey

  11. I'm not setting-up but it looks like everyone else in the antique / junk world is. I'm going to do my best to be there this time just to shop. I'm saving my dollars. Good luck. Hope you have a fab show.

  12. WOW!! You're too much Girl! I can't wait to get there and shop my hiney off!


  13. OMG!! Maybe I should go to shop and forget the selling! HA!HA! Thanks a mil for mentioning me.

    Have a great day~

  14. Oh - thanks for the heads up. I have a show to cover this weekend - but so glad this runs into April!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  15. Teresa, Thanks for listing us on your post. I sure hope we all do well. Our process has been derailed so much - I hope we can just get there! What a mess we have. See ya there. Susan

  16. I may just have to find someone to work my booth while I go out shopping! There's gonna be some good stuff out there! I'm taking my first load down this Friday.... then probably again on Monday... and I don't know when the next one will be. Still have to get Canton set up! Guess I'll sleep after the show... Maggie

  17. Yee ha! I'll be there in 8 days and cannot WAIT! I went in Spring '07 and didn't know a single person. This cheatsheet and my blog-reading will make this one an even better experience! Thanks! And see ya there! XOX

  18. I was just thinking, maybe everyone who has a blog or is an avid blog reader, like me, could make some sort of name tag to wear during the shows, so that if we see someone with a tag we could introduce ourselves and meet a new friend.



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