Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blog Party @ Zapp Hall

On Sunday, March 29th, was the 3rd semi-annual Blog Party and it was an absolute blast! Sue of The Junk Market also joined us to debut her new book, Junk Beautiful-Outdoor Edition. There was food and drinks and just an all over good time was had by all. Every time I looked around there was laughter and conversation and you could just tell by the number of people that showed up that they were having a great time.

I first want to thank Junkin Buddy Marion for your hard work and help and for the awesome Banana Bread and goodies you brought. Next I want to thank Deb for the awesome cheesecake and the loan of the desk and chair. Sue many thanks for choosing me to have one of your book signing events. Please come back each season and hang out with us, you were a blast as were your helpers. Cheryl of Zapp Hall for the awesome wine, thank you. Stacey without your help with serving the wine I would have been a mess--not knowing which one was which since I don't drink, well you were just a big help! To my husband for helping me build the arbor, could not have done that huge part without you. Thanks to all that showed up and especially for the ones that drove long distances, I so appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for making this a great event that will be continued each Spring and Fall.

Now, here's the party crew:

Sue and I. If you haven't purchased her book, you need to quickly get a copy. It's full of ideas.

Elizabeth and Laurie looking so pretty. Laurie was delayed by the plane, next time she'll just rent her own jet or come down a week before so that there are no problems.

Lisa's daughter and pup also attended the party.

Here's Lisa and Renee, not sure what the expressions were, you never know what Renee is thinking and of course she's reaching for something out of her secret hiding area! See this post for an explanation about this joke.

There's Donna, Mayron and Stacey.

Deb and Cher, both professional photographers put my pictures to shame. Don't they look pretty at the party.

Here's Elizabeth, Deb and I'm sorry I'm not sure who these fans were.

Here's TOT, Amy, Cher, Mindy, Deb and Susan

Here's Cher with Malisa.

Myself with Mindy, Shelly, Elizabeth and TOT.

Lois and her husband drove in just for the party and their's Junkin buddy. Lois owns a cute shop in Huntsville and you should check it out if you are in town.

Kim with her oldest daughter. Kim is such a talented artist, she's makes the most gorgeous necklaces.

Here's Elizabeth with TOT, Shelly, Susan and Mindy.

What a crew, Deb is seated, Maggie is behind her, then Mindy, Susie, Angie, Sue, Susan, and myself.

Here's Susie with Sue.

What a feast.

Mindy with Cat Daddy, Maggie and Deb.

They were already lining up for books. Thanks Susan for the Kettle Korn, it was awesome.

More fun pics.

There's Mindy, Amy, Karen and Malisa, and Cher in the back.

Little Witt even made a special appearance, he's such a cutie!! Hope you enjoyed the fun and will make plans to attend the Blog Party in the Fall. That way you won't miss the fun but you'll be a part of it.


  1. It was super fun! Thanks for hosting the party. It was my first and I hope not my/your last!!!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Looks like fun was had by all! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and fun with us out here in blog land.

  3. Theresa,

    I had a great time at the blog party! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event...can't wait for the Fall show to meet more great bloggers.


  4. I've heard it through other blogs how much fun the party was. I will be down this fall. I can't stand it.

  5. Whew! It's a good thing I was able to get over being camera shy, huh? haha! Theresa, I had a blast! That, right there, was more fun than the law should allow. You know I will be there in the fall. I'll be set up not 100 feet from ya! Yee haw! Thank you for being a wonderful hostess and friend. ~Mindy

  6. I'm planning on coming to fall show, so of course I'll be at your next party, Theresa!

  7. I think you should 'cut and paste' a photo of moi b/c I WAS THERE IN SPIRIT...and I can't believe ya'll didn't even call me...missed ya'll waaay too much ;(
    ox lulu-the-invisible

  8. What great fun! I'm so glad I'm friends with such a popular celebrity! Thanks for a wonder time! Girl you rock! I can't wait till the fall blog party!

  9. Sharing is what it's about... Love your Blog... If you GOOGLE Tire Planters you can get directions on how to do it ! Apparently you need a very STRONG Guy to do it. I got mine already done.. They are so COOL ! If you make some put them on your BLOG so we can see.... Thanks for sharing Texas. Some day i would love to go...

  10. It was a lot of fun...even if I did have to keep leaving to help C.D. sell! BTW, Is that Angie from W.P. and if so, how did I not meet her? Girl, crop, crop, crop! I look like a little old lady sitting down! Thanks for a great time.

  11. It was a great time! I wish I could have stayed longer. I'm sorry I missed meeting so many talented and fun ladies! Thanks for having us all, you make us all feel special.

  12. Looks like such great fun!!!

    I have just got to make it there someday. Thank you for sharing such fun.

  13. Oh my gosh that looked like so much fun!!! Thank you for sharing the pics.

  14. Hi Theresa!
    It was great to meet you at Warrenton! Matilda posted a picture and comment of you on her blog! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  15. And to think if Kimberly and I had only come a day sooner!! Oh, we...I'm certainly coming back in the fall. Hope to meet everyone then. You're pictures are wonderful, and make me feel like I was there in spirit. Thanks for sharing them.


  16. Theresa,

    Thanks for all of the wonderful pics. It was so fun to see what all of you ladies did for fun. So much to look at. The blog party seem to be a winner. How fun to be at the book signing with Sue. I hope I can meet you at Canton this up coming time. Sandi

  17. Hey Theresa; What great photos of everyone having a great time. Sure wish I could make it to one... But live to far away... boo :{ but I really enjoyed the photos all those smiling faces.. Thanks for sharing.


  18. Hi Theresa,
    So glad Sondra, Marla, Kieth, I (gale) and of course Matilda found you at Warrenton! We loved seeing (and buying) treasures from you. If you are ever in our neck of the woods we'd love you to come to the barn.

  19. It was so much fun! Met lots of new friends. Can't wait for the next one.... Maggie

  20. Hi, just checking out your blog for the first time. I enjoyed the pics of the party. Would you mind a short little explanation as to what a "blog party" is? I have no clue... but really liked the pics.



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