Thursday, April 23, 2009

Junk Sistas Unite for a great Cause

If you have seen the Junk Sistas button on my side bar and maybe you've been wondering what exactly does this means, well let me explain. First let me just say, this awesome idea was created by Amy at Trailer Trash. As many of you know, our sweetie pie's Cat Daddy and Deb's daughter Jenn had precious Bella premature on March 12. You can read more about her debut here. I won't ever forget this date because it's my son's birthday as well. As I said she was born premature and as Deb says she has a while to continue baking in her glass castle. You know if you've ever had any medical expenses for any short time they can be overwhelming. We want to help them out and are asking for your help. Amy's idea is to have a fundraiser, a good 'ol fashion raffle ticket fundraiser. She is asking for donations of items to be raffled off and all proceeds will go to them.

Here's the plan:

1. Please leave me or her a comment or e-mail if you are interested in participating by April 26.

2. Write a brief description of the item or items that you wish to donate on April 29, 2009 and if possible include a picture. Send Amy the link so that she can have the post ready to run on May 1.

3. Willing participants will need to contact Trailer Trash blog to buy raffle tickets.

4. On June 1, 2009 Amy will use Random Org. to randomly draw names.

5. Once names are drawn, you will be given the name and contact information of the winner or winners to ship the items to them. PLEASE be aware that you are taking responsibility for shipping cost of the items.

6. On June 2, the total amount will be announced and given to the family.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please e-mail Amy at or myself at

I can't thank you in advance enough from the bottom of my heart for helping us out with this great cause. There are many of you that have already signed up. Deb also thanks you from the bottom of her heart and for once she's speechless!! Just kidding Deb, you know we love you and would do anything for ya! Let me just add a note, if you don't have anything you really would like to donate, but still would like to help them out, any amount of donations would really be appreciated. Just email me and I'll be glad to provide you Deb's address to send to them directly. I know our blog friends are just the best and there's not a better group of people out there that always come to the need when called upon. Thank you so very much!!


  1. I am signed up. And looking forward to buying some tickets to help the cause! Y'all rock! ~Mindy

  2. Theresa, you are AWSOME! I am truly amazed what a great writer you are, I could not have done this without you.

    traielr trash

  3. Theresa, I'd love to donate an item for the raffle. I will keep checking the posts for the directions on how,when and where. This is a great idea and way to help out Bella and her family.

  4. This is wonderful. I am so glad that you girls are getting it together~ Now I need to go figure out what I can donate and find my camera battery charger so I can take a photo to send. Hugs to you both for all of your efforts!

  5. Theresa: I already let Trailer Trash know that Karen and I will be participating. Karen is out of town but is returning tonight so I will send you photos and descriptions of our items this weekend! Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful event! You and Trailer Trash deserve a big pat on the back!


  6. Is it too late? I could get a pic by tomorrow...Sorry, I just read your post. Let me know!

  7. I just linked over from Vintage Rescue Squad and want to join the raffle! I have a pair of amazing vintage paint by numbers of a French garden I will donate to the cause. Will send a photo later, I promise.
    Pam ~ One Gal's Trash


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