Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Show Pics

I wanted to show you more show pictures that were taken during the blog party, prom night, and randomly throughout our time there in Warrenton Tx during Antiques Week. Our time just seems to fly by and before you know it we are packing it up and going home. It really is like summer camp for junkers. That's why I really look forward to being there, we just have the best times.

Click on the picture above to see slide show and you should also be able to see other slide show's I've created as well.

On another note, I received the Renee award from Malisa of Moonlight Hollow, thanks Malisa for including me in this awesome award. It was created for a great cause and you can read more about it here.

I just can't possibly pick only a few to pass on this award to. If you are included in my favs list you are chosen for this award. I still have several more posts to go about the show, so keep watching!


  1. That was fun...let's do it again, 'Kay?
    Congratulations on the award. Mailsa was is so sweet (when she wants to be).

  2. Looks like you had a ton of fun...as usual!
    Your blog always just makes my mouth water for all that good junque, lol!

  3. Hi! Ive given you The "Kreativ Blogger" award. Check out gardenpartydecor.blogspot.com
    Happy Spring,

  4. The slide show was great....wish I could have gone. Maybe next time. I am afraid I would need a uhaul though.

  5. Do you have any idea how much I love you girl and what you and Amy cooked up for my girls? I really am speechless and for now I just don't know what to say. I'm working on my thank you letter, but words are just not enough. Thank you! Debbie


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