Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ann's Garden House

This is the follow up post to the one I did yesterday inviting you to Ann's new debut of her Garden House. It was just beautiful, as all things she does is. She is such a talented and creative person, pass some of that talent on Ann! She's not only a paper artist, but I discovered that she probably can do just about anything she sets her mind to. As I was looking (in awe) at her beautiful home, I saw this beautiful cloth journal she had made (which she gave me as a gift, thanks Ann, I just love it).

But not to jump ahead let me just tell you that you will be able to see not only from the cool stuff she finds but the great way she displays it, that's she's also a very talented gardener as well. I want to start out this post of three posts I'll be doing introducing you to her Garden House. Tomorrow I'll do a post on her shop and then of her beautiful home. I took so many pictures I'll have to do three posts just to show them all to you. I did find some great things too, I might add!! If you missed her Open House, all I can say is, you missed finding some great finds!!

This is the view you see when walking threw her garden.

Here's the place, all ready for potting plants and day dreaming about her next project, I'm sure:

Loved this garden statue. I couldn't talk her out of it, so Ann please put my name on her when you are ready to part with her. Isn't she pretty!

What a peaceful and tranquil sound the water fall makes and fish just topped it off. This is right on the side of the garden house and off her back porch. I think if I were her, it would take a lot just to get me to come inside:

The garden cloche was in the greenhouse, loved the saying as well. Can you see the wasp nest inside:

These old seed jars are just priceless. I remember many moons ago having some in a display, wish I would have kept mine:

I just loved the look of this clock:

Here's another side view of her garden:

Hope you enjoyed the tour. See what ya missed. Make plans to attend her next Open House, which she has about 4 times a year.

Here's a preview of tomorrow's post of her shop:

And, here's a preview of what you'll see in her home:

I can't wait to show you more. I also have some really exciting upcoming news that involves me that I want to share with you, so keep watching!!


  1. It's all just beautiful! Love, love the clock!

  2. What a beautiful garden! Oh, and I agree with Debbie, that clock is too fabulous!

  3. Oh! I'm sorry I missed this one! Great pictures, Theresa! ~Mindy

  4. Great stuff!!! Looking forward to tomorrows pics...when is her next open house? I want to go for "real" next time. Ha!Ha!

  5. looking forward to more of the Garden House!

  6. Love the clock, and the shop looks beautiful can't wait to see more pics of it..

  7. This looks like a wonderful place. Hope to get to it one day. Great job with pics and descriptions.

  8. What a wonderful garden and greenhouse/potting shed! The clock is awesome but I love that old wire cloche too!! What creativity!


  9. It's all beautiful, Theresa. Thank you for the photos. I agree with you on that statue and I love everything else too.
    Happy Mother's Day sweetie!

  10. Hey love the post. I'm Ann's lucky son. "Happy early Mothers day mom!"


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