Saturday, May 09, 2009

What a Beautiful Place to Live

The minute you walk into Ann's home your eye is drawn to so many pretty vignettes. You don't know whether you should be looking on the right or the left side as you walk in. She had redone her home since the last time we were there several months ago. I loved the set of white doors she just has propped against a wall as her new back drop and the mirror missing silver with the wreath hanging from it and the cabinet full of ironstone, and oh don't forget to look up or you'll miss something. I also really liked the way she grouped things in empty frames and the cute white door display that's just right before you head out to the back. Then, there's her pretty bedroom, that is just is so serene in creams, whites, and browns. Well you be the judge, tell me what you think:

Don't forget tomorrow is Mother's Day--be sure and make it a special day for her!!


  1. As Trash Mouth would say: I have three words for Ann! Fab..U..Lous!! Everything is so beautiful! Ann has great taste and a wonderful talent to put it all together! Thanks for making us green with envy cause we didn't get to go!

  2. Who is Ann? What an uber-awesome home!! Gets me all revved-up for my barn to get built!!! Thank you so much for sharing these photos. The BEST!! peg

  3. Love Ann's house... Ann's not married is she... or she keeps her DH in another house... ;)

  4. Thank you for sharing that fabulous home~ so many fantastic ideas~ love your blog!

  5. Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for bringing us so much inspiration by way of your blog. I love Ann's potting house and hope to one day have my own. What a beautiful garden & home.
    Have a great day.

  6. What a fabulous home, thank you Ann for sharing it with us. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's Blessing, Sandi

  7. Theresa,
    Cool stuff.As always it's a pleasure to browse your site!! I was wondering I know I am already in your sidebar links, but was curious to know how I could get a picture atatched to my link like your other links in the sidebar. I see it on alot of the other blogs as well.
    Thanks so much!!

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