Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Leftover's Party

We attended the Leftover's Antique Shop party last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I always really enjoy seeing how they've redone the store and what new things they've brought in from their travels. If you've never been to this shop, mark this place down on your list of places you have to visit. Their displays are always so creative and the unique things they have will just blow you away. Here's what we saw:


  1. Looks like a fun time. I love all of those photos. I love to shop in places like that.... thanks for sharing..


  2. Great Photos in this post and the Red Barn Show as well. I hope you had a great show, and hope to see you again soon. Hugs~

  3. Thank you for the wonderful slide shows with all of the photos. It is almost like being there........Have a nice 4th of July hope you get to see your boys....keep cool. Sandi

  4. Hey, nice blog and you take nice photos!!


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