Thursday, June 25, 2009

She fought Until The End

This is probably how I remember her most, her big smile and blonde hair, but unfortunately she died today. Farrah Fawcett fought until the end, but the cancer ultimately won. I became so facinated with her in the 70's during Charlies Angels, as I'm sure many did, and we all wanted to have her hair style. She was a Texas girl and I was always glued to the television to watch Charlie's Angels. I watched her recently during her television special on this disease and she was so courageous to share her ordeal. She still was a beautiful woman even until the end. You can read more about her here.


  1. A touching post. She will be missed, we all watched the show and wished we could look like her. She was real role model in her cancer fight.

  2. Lovely tribute.
    I still want that hair. She was a ray of sun light.


  3. I remember buying Farrah shampoo as a child, hoping it'd make my hair look like her's, it didn't work for me though.

  4. So very, very sad....She was a woman of strength and courage....God bless her!!!!! Love Tiina...

  5. Any woman who can make a Hairstyle a national pastime IS AN AMerican ICON for the ages...didn't we all want to be her?
    Rest In Peace, Angel!
    xo lulu

  6. What sad news! I always watched Charlie's Angels when I was growing up in NZ. Thanks to Farah people are more aware about cancer and the effects that this horrible disease causes.

    An angel in every sense of the word!

    Leeann x

  7. Lovely tribute. I recently watched her documentary about fighting this terrible disease. My mother died from cancer, it is a tough and difficult thing to endure. Farrah's documentary honoured the memory of so many brave people who have fought this tough fight. I was sad to hear the news today. Julie

  8. Hi Theresa,
    Her story has always intrigued me as well. I watched the story of her story of the battle of her life a few weeks ago and was so touched by her courage and for willing to show people the real story of that terrible disease. A very nice tribute post to Farrah.

  9. Thanks for a really neat post! I always think of that beautiful smile and she was a Texas gal too! And I love your new header! Angie


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