Thursday, July 30, 2009

Run, Don't Walk

To Canton, get there as fast as you can so that you can check out the vendors that are there. It was a great Day in Canton, found some cool finds. Of course after leaving there and heading to Dallas, it was a busy day. I'll post pics of my finds when it quits raining.

In the meantime, I wanted to show you just a few vendors that you can find at The Canton Texas Flea Market this month.

The girls that own The Rose, located in Arbor III, always have the cutiest linen tops, pants, dresses and accessories and this month only you get their fabulous things at over 50% discount. I found some really great things with them:

Next on your tour of Canton was stopping at The Veranda. Shiloh is now located here with Maggie. Look at her cute space. She had some awesome brown transferware too. She says you can also find her at The La Bahia Antique Show in the Fall:

This is Maggie's space. Love the fabric headers. Be sure and look for Maggie at The Rose of Texas Show in the Fall and there's the chance she might be featured in the next Romantic Country magazine, so be watching for this. Of course, you can always find her at Winnie and Tulula's in Athens.

Here's Carolyn Westbrook's gorgeous booth. I always love her displays and the way everything looks picture perfect:

Last, but certainly not least, is Donna of Curious Goods. Donna is in the Blue Building or the Civic Center as it's called. She too can always be found at Winnie and Tulula's or her shop in Malakoff. Donna's got some great news for the Fall show, she's going to be at The Marburger Antique Show as well:

Now, look at this girl, trying to make the moves on my husband. As a matter of fact the vendor told me she was so wild last night, he had to tie her up to the pole to make her behave. Well, that wild thang hopped in the back of my truck and she's now being sent to a girl's school to teach her some manners.

We had fun. We saw Marcie and Mayron of Unique Unique Design. And, a little birdie called and told me there are two Uncommon Object dealers shopping there tomorrow looking for great treasures. If you go let me know what you find.

A reminder Winnie and Tulula's is having a great sale in the back of the store. I'm sure there will be great treasures to be found here. So once you go to Canton head down the road to Athens and check out the sale.


  1. it looks amazing!!! i wish i could run fast enough and far enough...i would be there:)

  2. Looks like fun, I can't wait to go on Saturday! Theresa, if you are still in town (Dallas) on Friday, and anywhere near Grapevine (near DFW airport), be sure to drop by the Red Shed!
    Be safe,

  3. I wish I could run all the way there.... maybe someday! Blessings, Janna

  4. I think I'd keep my EYE on HIM, sugar. Looks like he's having waaaaay too much fun with the "chick"!! Gotta watch those guys sometimes! I can never trust Jack around Harleys, honey; he just goes WILD!!!!!

  5. Wish I could be there! Everything looks incredible!

    You always have the greatest posts. I love visiting your Blog!

    If you have a chance, come by my Blog for a visit and say hi!

    Have a wonderful day,

  6. I LOVE all the linen clothing! It's my favorite summertime material. They look like they have some really cool things, and the junk jewelry would go with it great! You know when you show all this stuff it just makes our mouth's water.
    Keep your eye on that manny, she may run away from school!

  7. I'll set Cat Daddy up with one of my manis so he and Cruz can double!

  8. Theresa, forget running, I'd have to fly over. More wonderful stuff that I'm missing...

  9. I just don't know how you keep up with so many shows. I get sensory overload and have to hide for a couple of weeks after each BH event!! (me and my mannequin, of course) Sure wish you could have hitched a ride with L&L...

    J & J

  10. Wow, yet another awesome post!! Hope this finds you well my friend! Chrissy

  11. I surely need to run on over to Canton... I haven't been since last year... Hopefully soon! I ususally wait until it cools off a little, but that gave me shopping fever.


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