Sunday, August 30, 2009

25 Days & Counting

The Round Top/Warrenton countdown is continuing and it's 25 Days until the shows start.  Here's 25 Reasons why you SHOULD NOT miss the shows:

  1. Great DISPLAYS 
  2. See the Best JUNK in the state of Texas
  3. Make New FRIENDS 
  4. Have the BEST TIME ever!
  5. Play DRESS UP during the Junk Gypsy Prom
  6. Laugh A LOT
  7. Find the BEST DEALS 
  8. Find the most UNIQUE ITEMS 
  9. You'll be a lot HAPPIER
  10.  It's great EXERCISE
  11. Very INSPIRING
  12. Get NEW IDEAS 
  13.  Meet NEW PEOPLE
  14. Think outside THE BOX for decorating
  15. Spend TIME doing what you enjoy
  16. It's a REFRESHING experience
  17. You will not believe HOW MANY shows are here
  18. Attend PARTIES
  19. Shop with people from different STATES
  20. Listen to BANDS
  21. Eat at PLACES you only get to eat at during the shows
  22. See your favorite VENDORS that bring you the COOLEST JUNK
  23. It's an experience like none other that you can only experience in TEXAS!!
  24. Attend my BLOG PARTY 
  25. You'll regret it if you don't come out once you see all the pictures on everyone's blog
Now that I have you all fired up to come out to the shows and I know after this post you will not want to miss it and now you just have to make plans to come to the shows, even if you have to sleep in your car (there are showers available at the shows). I'll leave you to watch Amie and Jolie of the Junk Gypsy's at the shows:


  1. i can hardly contain myself - so excited - looking forward to meeting you - troy

    word vari - imesse - I Messy - lol!

  2. I have 25 more days to regret I can't be there with all of the fun!! So SAD! Sandi

  3. This will be my very first event of this kind. At least of this magnitude. I'm super excited, but I think I might be overwhelmed by all the wonderful-ness gathered in one place!


  4. Great post, love the picture on your banner. Like Sandi, I have 25 more to feel bad that I can't be there! But I do get to hear about through some of my dealers!!

  5. As if I was not already excited! Can't wait.

  6. I imagine, like you, I have at least 25 things that will make it worth the trip for shoppers! I'm looking forward to it! ~Mindy


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