Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cactus Creek Shout Out!!

Fancy with Cactus Creek is doing a series of posts before the upcoming Texas Antiques Show week and she interviewed me for her official countdown. I've also officially started my countdown to the shows and I hope to post more show tips in the upcoming weeks. Be sure and check out Fancy's post.

If you are coming to the shows and it's your first time please let me know. I'd love to meet you. Or, if you come every year and you have some advise to offer those that have never been, please share your knowledge with us.

I'm looking forward to the shows, the awesome displays that will be seen, catching up with friends, selling and selling and meeting new friends. Please don't forget about my Blog Party on Sunday, September 27th @ 6pm at my booth at Zapp Hall. You are all invited, please stop by, you'll have a great time!!


  1. I was hoping to come to this Roundtop but my daughter will be out of town during this time. I am looking at the Spring Show. Have a wonderful time and take a lot of pix. I am so sorry to miss your blog party. Sell a lot and buy more! Sandi

  2. I will SO be at your blog party! The last one was loads of fun! Loved seeing everyone. I can hardly wait.... Maggie

  3. Hey, Great interview and pictures. Oh, gosh I would just so love to come!! I know I can count on you for a great "show and tell"!

  4. I hope I get to meet you! I am coming down with Fancy! This will be my first time and I am so excited to see everthing and hopefully meet some of the people from blog land!

  5. Hi Teresa...
    How a great time Girlie!!!!
    I'm planning on coming in the Spring!

  6. I am just now catching up on my blogging, difficult stressful week at work. Theresa please keep us posted on your bloodwork, I will say a prayer and keep you in my prayers, I am sorry I just read your blog, a little late I am....hopefully your check will get here tomorrow, I will let you know, if you need anything you let us know, Prayers and hugs, Janna

  7. I want everything you hve displayed in that picture. How much of a vintage piggy am I? Sea Witch

  8. Ms. T. Loved your interview at Cactus Creek. I can't wait to be there.

  9. oh I so wish I were going- you go to great shows- enjoy and take pictures for us to enjoy.


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