Wednesday, August 26, 2009

White Wednesday @ Judy Hill's

Welcome to Kathleen's White Wednesday.  The pictures in this post were taken last December during Judy Hill's Open House in Kilgore Tx.  I always enjoy attending Judy's Open Houses because they are like none other, way better than any magazine I've ever seen and she's been in plenty of them.  She normally has two open houses a year and the next time she has one you don't want to miss it.  My header was also taken at her house.  She sells at the Marburger Farms Antique Show each Spring and Fall or you can now order her beautiful linens, slipcovers, and pillows from her website.  Be sure and also go over and check out her blog.  To see more of her beautiful home, click on this post.
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!


  1. Beautiful White Christmas in Texas. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for visiting my new blog CollectInTexas Gal. Your blog is full of inspiring things and information.

  2. What great pictures. Lots of great ideas. Jan

  3. I LOVE that first picture, the whites, the rusty iron against the cool brown wall. . . awesome!!

  4. Judy sure knows how to put the best things together. These pictures are really getting me in the mood to start thinking about Christmas!

  5. Theresa, You capture Judy's home so well with your photos. I never get tired of seeing pictures of Judy's gorgeous home. Wonder what she'll come up with this Christmas...can't wait!!!


  6. I came to your lovely site via
    "Common Ground". I thoroughly enjoyed reading and looking at your gorgeous photos. I will be back often. Rhonda

  7. That's F-A-B!!! Love it all!!! The first picture with the iron...killer!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. love all the wonderful white (wow try saying that 3 times)items against the brown wall! great pics..

  9. Oh how beautiful...don't know who she is but I will certainly check out her website, thanks for the heads up. I love how you network just shows what a great business person you are and a kind heart.

  10. That's a lot of fabulous white for a wonderful White Wednesday, chez Judy Hill!

  11. Very fun adn great photos! Love those brown walls-it really makes the white *pop*.
    thanks for the visit to my place...if you come back be sure to come to my missgracies *house* blog...the other one is more for business but I don't do very well at keeping it updated. The *house* one is where I *play*!

  12. Gotta love anything Judy does!


  13. What a wonderful White Wednesday you have given us. Have a great rest of the week!

  14. Just what I needed...a great post!! Thanks, your a peach!! x00x0

  15. Wow, T,
    You're making me crazy here. What great pictures, but I'm sure it's even better in person...I wish, I wish,...well maybe someday soon I can come see for myself!

  16. You are the last blogspot on the list. I'm glad I'm here. I want that milk glass (?) tray please. Is it milk glass?

  17. Hey Theresa~

    Thanks for sharing these awesome pics. I'd love to go to Texas someday and shop!!!! You girls have the best stuff. I'm going to paint my dining room a similar colr to this one when the kids go back to school. I can't wait. I think it will make all my white pop.
    You should post about your pottery. I'd love to see it all.

    Take care,

  18. OMG! I so love her house, style the whole ruffly slip cover thing! Her bedroom you did in an old post is my favorite all time ever!.still have the magazine and love it so! Can't believe through blog world that I have met her through you Theresa! If I ever do make it to Texas I'm going to take you up on your offer!
    My Good friend From Olympia Susan Wheeler is going to be selling at Maurberger( I probably spelled that wrong?)
    Thanks for the eye candy

  19. Love the new header. I want that is lovely. Sea Witch

  20. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures. The white bench made my heart pound!!! Love it...


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