Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Check Her Out

Gloria of The Sweet Pea Collection and Winnie and Tulula's was featured in the recent Romantic Homes magazine.  They did an awesome job of featuring her shop.  She owns The Sweet Pea Collection and Winnie and Tulula's, which is located in the same building.  Check out the post I just did at W&T.  

Congrats to Gloria, what an awesome job they did of featuring her beautiful things.  Next time you are in Athens Texas, stop by for a visit.  You can find Gloria's antiques, bedding, and accessories here as well as the other great dealers in Winnie and Tulula's.  Also, on Saturday from 11:00-2:00, there will be a book signing here. Come out and meet Joe and Daisy and the author of The Mystery of the Spaniel Family's Dog House


  1. I visited on your recommendation after we went to Carolyn Westbrook's show this summer. These shops are a must see!

  2. You know you taunt me don't you..That bedding looks so very yummy..I think I really need to catch the next plane out there...You guys have way too many fabulous options!!
    My Best

  3. Thanks for the update! I did not realize it would be out today. I am running to the newsstand NOW! Donna

  4. We carry Romantic Home at Leola's but I don't remember seeing it. Must be in the new one due to come out. Hope Gloria doesn't mind if we tell everyone we know her. Never hurts to use a little name-dropping. Her bedding is wonderful. Jan

  5. Now I really have to get that magazine! Gorgeous!
    Thanks for the tips on fleamarketing! Going to Brimfield tomorrow. Yippy!

  6. T.
    Thanks for the post...look forward to Winnie & Tulula's being in print]featuring all you great dealers.


  7. There will be no living with her! I think it's wonderful! She works really hard to put her best out there!

  8. I love all of Gloria's great bedding, and the book signing for the dog house mystery looks like tons of fun. Will they be serving dog bisquits? sorry.

  9. I just saw the magazine today and her feature was the BEST part of this monthly issue! Would love to see her store someday. I wanna take a nap in that bed! LOL.....


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