Monday, September 21, 2009

Reminder about Blog Party

Just one more reminder about my Blog Party next Sunday, Sept. 27th, and I wanted to post some more info. about it for you first timers.  But first, please don't forget that I changed the time to 6pm so that my friends that are at other shows can come down and have a good time too.  The last few times it's been at 2pm, and in Texas normally by this time it's just too hot.  You are all invited, come out for a great time and meet other bloggers.

Some of you asked, so what is a Blog Party.  It's the chance to meet other bloggers or those with websites or not.  If you want to attend and meet others and just have a good time and visit and eat, well this party is for you. 

As a side benefit, Stan Williams will have his new book, THE FIND, available for you, and what a great assest to add to your book collections.  I don't know if you are like me but I devour books.  I love good decorating and idea books.  So, this is exciting news to be able to get a signed copy from him.

One last surprise.  I've been told by a very reliable source that a famous blogger from France may be coming to the blog party.  I am so excited to meet her.  You don't want to miss it to see who it is!

Here are pictures from this past Spring's Blog Party.  We had Sue of Junk Market there signing her new book:

Thhhhheeerrreee'ssss Cat Daddy ~ How do ya'll like his hat?  Someone doesn't like it, but we won't mention any names...

There's Elizabeth, TOT, and Shelley:


Here's the group with Sue of Junk Market.

Here I am with Elizabeth and Debbie:

Heidi, Deb and Cher were waiting on their book from Sue:

Here's more lining up to get Sue's Book:

The area that was set for Sue's Book Signing:


  1. I'll be there!!!

    Wouldn't miss it for the world!

  2. oooooh girl. I am going to have to cut & paste myself into one of those photos!
    xooxoxoxoxoxox lulu

  3. Bummer I can't make it to the party, Theresa. Otherwise, I'm so excited about coming down!

  4. I SO want to go, can someone come pick my up?? I'm only a day or two away ;0) I can't wait to see the pictures, have fun!!

  5. I was surprised to see my name and then my picture on this post. It made my day. You know, I won the drawing, that was the first thing I ever won in my whole life. Thanks, Heidi

  6. I'm always envious of the Southern gals parties.
    Happy to have found you once again Martha!

  7. I am not going to get to go after all. My friend totalled the car we were going to be driving.
    She was not hurt thankfully but maybe I will shoot for the spring show and drive "Myself"
    Have a wonderful show.

  8. oh, it sounds and looks like it will be a great time, I'll be there in spirit!


  9. you left me out of bloggers at your blog party last year.

  10. Howdy "Ms. T"! Well, we shall see you in a few days from now...but, won't be able to make the par'tay this year. :( But, I am sure you will tell all "howdy" from me....

    Have fun setting up and will see ya before ya know it! Can't wait to see all my new treasures! :)


  11. There you go again,having all the fun!!! Hope you are keeping well,Chrissy

  12. WOW! That sounds amazing! Good luck with it...
    If you get a chance stop by my Blog and say hi! I just put up a new post...
    Have a great day,

  13. Theresa, I guess I'll have to be there in spirit! I came too late in the Spring, too :( Hope you have one next Spring as I'm gonna try to make it then. Amy from Junkologie will be there so she'll have to have enough fun for both of us. Enjoy!


  14. We'll be there too! But how do we find you once we get to Zapp Hall? (We found the last room around for Sunday Night...Ant Street Inn!) I'm so excited.

  15. I just want to thank you for being so kind to blog about me and my book and for including me in your blogger party. I know this is a difficult time for you and your family, and can only imagine what you are going through. My warm wishes are with you in hopes that all of the festivities around the fair will help distract from your pain.

    So looking forward to meeting you!


  16. I'm so glad that Annie mentioned this in her blog! I would love to come meet in person some of the other bloggers...

  17. T
    I sure hope you are having the best show ever! I think about all you daily!! After you get home and can, please check out my blog as I have a thank you for you!
    My Best

  18. looks great....
    elizabeth is one of the nicest friendliest gals i've ever met at a show!
    what fun~

  19. I am sorry we missed this! Maybe in the Spring =)

  20. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I really enjoyed your party and hope to see you at the next Warrenton show!

    Happy hunting,

  21. I so enjoyed meeting you and the other bloggers whom I follow. Thanks so much for such a great party. I baked French Madeleine cookies (Julia Child's recipe) for the party and after we left, discovered that Tall Husband had not brought then from our car, which was a task for which he volunteered. I'm suspicious that he was saving them for himself!

    Anyway the Blog party was wonderful.



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