Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Show Pics

As promised here are more show pics.  I thought I would continue this post with some of the vendors that could be found at Zapp Hall.  Here's what caught my eye:

 Debbie and Danny - Talking Trash



 Both above pics of my booth.

 Gina of Country Garden's Antiques

 Carolyn Westbrook Home

 Troy and Rod - Junk Exchange


Junk Gypsy's

Check out the slide show of more pics of Zapp Hall vendors:


  1. Luv all the pics!!! Your booth looked great :) I'm kinda in love with Gina's booth from Country Garden's Antiques. I LOVE silver!!!
    Your pics just gave me motivation for today...THANK YOU.

  2. T
    Wonderful pictures. Great slide show. Thanks for always keeping us all so up to date. Love that creamy chippy headboard of yours. Can it be shipped by US Mail in their "if it fits into the box and under 70 pounds it ships for one price"...HA HA...I only wish! Have a great family Sunday!
    My Best

  3. T, didn't the time go by all too quickly? We had a blast and all the booths at Zapp were awesome.



  4. Thank you for your comment Teresa, I wouldn't even still have my blog if it wasn't for you, you are a Godsend to me! Be blessed with all the desires of your heart and prayers!
    Lee @ Inspired Comblogulations

  5. Girl, don't know if I'll ever make it to Texas, but I'm droolin' over the shots right now...what a bunch of great junk!!! Just my style!!!

  6. Thanks for the shout out! Gina is the best, isn't she?
    I just have to warn you...I'm going to be stealing, I mean borrowing a few of your Zapp photos for a post I'm working on. I'll be sure and credit you!

  7. Luv luv your slide show. Makes me want to go even more!!


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