Sunday, November 01, 2009

It was a Beautiful Sunday

in Warrenton and Carmine Texas.  I love driving the countryside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and exploring it.  Seeing the historic homes is probably one of my favorite things to do, besides antiquing of course.  Here are beautiful homes we saw in Carmine:

Beautiful porch to sit on and have a relaxing day.

I loved the tallness of this house.  It seemed to command attention.

Of course picket fences always catch my eye.

Flags flying in the breeze.

Now, this home has caught my eye many times.  Probably because it's white and just seems so inviting.

Here's another side view of it.  There appears to be guest quarters in the back.  Maybe it's a B&B, I'm not sure, just really like it.


Of course I love churches equally as much as historic homes.  This one is at the end of the street.  Tomorrow I'll post a shop that we stopped at.  Then, on Wednesday, wait until you see these homes! You'll be shocked.  How was your weekend?


  1. Thanks for the tour! Lovely homes....those front porches and the picket fences really are welcoming and charming!
    Take care, Laura

  2. Wonderful houses, Theresa. I love to do the same, take a drive and see the homes and countryside. I always enjoy going on trips with you. Thanks for the afternoon drive!

  3. Don't you just LOVE seeing pretty homes that speak to you. Lovely tour, TY.

    Pop over for our DOUBLE GIVEAWAY DOUBLE ... Have a lovely November.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Wonderful homes, I love going for drives and getting photos of historic homes and churches.


  5. Carmine looks like a darling town, what bigger city is it near?

  6. They are really pretty!
    Happy november,

  7. That's the perfect way to spend a fall day!

  8. Hi Theresa,I also love looking at historal homes and places. Thanks so much for sharing these.I love that little white one as well...very sweet and simple..hope you have a blessed week.....

  9. Hi Teresa,
    Can't wait to meet you in person...when you stay at the Le Shiloh Shabby Chateau. I think it was just meant to be. We are excited to have such a sweet guest coming our way... just email me whenever you are ready. I was kinda wondering if you were coming for Judy Hills Christmas thingy?

    As for my weekend, I went shopping at Good Will Saturday and scored big. Then Sunday we decided to go to Canton since we backed out Friday due to the weather didn't buy much there.

    Your pictures of the little white house and the church are quaint aren't they... a reminder when things were more simple and laid back. You can almost hear Andy Griffin whistling!

    You have a blessed week.

  10. I so enjoy seeing photos of interesting homes. Thanks for sharing. Now, I really like your new header...very fallish. Sea Witch.

  11. Thanks for sharing these pictures. They are beautiful! One of my favorite things to do is take a drive and look at beautiful old homes. They have such charm and character! Can't wait to see more!

    Have a blessed week!


  12. Theresa,
    I enjoyed your tour of old homes. I love to do this type of thing...just drive around and snap pictures of homes that have so much character. Thank you for sharing!


  13. Lovely houses, Theresa. I really like that white one too!

  14. Loved the tour of homes.. .they are just gorgeous... The Church is so pretty.. looks like a great place to live.... have a great week.


  15. Thanks for sharing those lovely homes with us. I love adore looking at different homes and it's a lot of fun to see the differences in architecture from various regions around the country!


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