Monday, November 30, 2009

More Winnie & Tulula's

Here's the second post of the Christmas Open House at Winnie and Tulula's.  Great things could be seen all in the store.  As you walked in the front door, Peg and John have their booth set up through December to your right.  I just loved this dreamy awning that Peg made, isn't she the cleaver one, I'm sure John helped too:

 The pillows are the line that Gloria carries.  Loved the mirror that Margo created with the words.

Here's another booth of Gloria's, which have my favorite set of chairs.

 This is Ethel's booth, all pretty in White.

 Charisse's booth was looking pretty festive too.

 Liz and Fran always have such cleaver ideas.  One of these talented girls redid the mannequin in lace.

 This chippy pink cabinet in Liz's booth almost had a sold sign on it, IF I could have found a place to put it in my home.

Here's Deb and Cat Daddy's booth, looking all pretty and ready for the holidays.

  One the front windows displays Peg's things and

 the other one showcases Lillie's things.

Now aren't you sad you missed the Open House.  You can still check it out Wednesday thru Saturday in downtown Athens Tx  Maybe they left you some eggnog, if not check their frig!


  1. It was a pleasure and an honor to have had a slice of heaven this past weekend. I did not want to leave!!!

  2. Things are looking great. Would love to visit BOTH your places.
    Can you tell me how far Lufkin and Athens are from The Woodlands, Tx.

    I am a transplant Texan...sorry.


  3. yes, it looks very festive there!!! i am going to my local shop today to see if i can round up a few ornaments for my tree...

  4. Beautiful! I LOVE those ruffly lampshades in the mannequin photo! I would love to visit that shop!

  5. Thanks for the great photos, hope to visit this shop some day. Angie

  6. Just amazing! We could go broke there!Beautiful photos, thanks!

  7. Yes, I wish I could ever get away to attend one of these awesome open houses. Everything is just lovely and I know I could fill my truck to the brim with amazing treasures.

  8. i don't know if it will snow or not - would like to see some - but didn't it snow this time last year - we were in houston and i seem to remember snow before Christmas -

    love the W&T photos - esp the white lawn chairs..


  9. Hi Theresa! Yes, I'm very sad I missed it!! I've seen pictures on several blogs now of this gorgeous open house and all I can say is WOW!! Truly amazing talent and inspiration going on there! Thanks for sharing these amazing pics!!! If I lived closer, I'd be there in a heartbeat...


  10. Theresa,

    WOW! Great talent at W&T's!! I Love your blog header photo...Did you take that? I hear they're predicting snow for Houston sometime this never know!


  11. It's all beautiful T!! Your window is lovely! I hope it was an extremely successful event for all of you! ~LA

  12. What a beautiful store; chock full of eye candy!

  13. What a beautiful store; chock full of eye candy!

  14. I had to enlarge every photo, there's just so much great stuff to see. Everything was really breathtaking, but I have to tell you, that window shot with the vegetable cart and the paperwhites just makes me want to Sing!!!! I'm just a vintage garden junkie! I hadn't been to Mel and Brian's before but Kenda is a good friend of theirs and she said it was totally different. I should have taken some other photos of the kitchen. She had an awesome big island made with a zinc top! Way cool!
    hugs Theresa,

  15. Very sad to have missed out on all that beautiful shopping!


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