Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh Happy Day

The title reminds me of a old church song we used to sing when I was little, but today is Thanksgiving and there's so much to be thankful for and yes it is a Happy Day.  I hope you've had a great day spending time with your family as I have.  Did you eat too much, prepare only the best, are you just about exhausting from all the cooking, well please take time to rest and enjoy all your loved one.  I'm finally able to take a breather, but I'd do it all over again.

Just a quick reminder to check out the reindeer, elves, and Santa's over at Winnie and Tulula's and so hope I will see you there tomorrow.  We'll have a blast!!

You just never know what you'll find there or who'll be dressed and waiting to help you with your Christmas List.  Heck you might even find Santa there, at least his elves are ready.


  1. I am tired, but it's a really good tired from laughing with family and eating way too much of my own cooking! Went to Jenn's. With Bella on lock down due to RSV season, we had a very small gathering. Is that a jib jab photo? It's a hoot! Love the W&T post.
    See you tomorrow with bells on my fingers and a ring in Cat Daddy's nose!

  2. Such cute elves! Hope you had a lovely day! ~Mandy

  3. CUTE Elves! I hope to be there either tomorrow or Saturday & I will bring my $50 Certificate that I won from your Give Away! I am so excited!!!!! Can't wait to meet you. Charlene

  4. I'm so excited for y'all and
    I can't wait to see the pics.
    I worked at the hospital today, but still had family over after I got home and we roasted marshmallows over the fire pit. A beautiful, nippy Texas night!

    Have a GREAT time tomorrow and sell lots of junque!

  5. Happy thanksgiving.

    Greetings from Irma from Holland

  6. What cute elves. I love the jib-jab stuff...sometimes they have free mini videos too! I made one of Shelley and Rex disco dancing...hillarious!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving..

  7. You and the gang elfed yourself... we did too. Fun! I will be thinking about yaw today.
    Still got the sniffles.
    I am on the mend though.

  8. Oh how I love your blog and all the multitude of wonderful pictures you always share! I spent a lot of time here tonight going thru past posts and feel like I know you now! I'm in TX, too!

    Angelic Accents

  9. Hope you had a great week!
    The elves are cute! I always have fun elfing friends and family!


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