Friday, November 20, 2009

Who Inspires You?

Who inspires you these days.  With magazines closing up shop and those that are on the newsstand, there are few far and between that catch my eye with inspiring things.  That's why I love blogs and going to shops and even seasonal Open Houses because I normally will find something that's inspirational.  I guess it's because I'm such a visual person that it takes a lot to wow me these days.  When I left Ann's Open House yesterday, I can tell you I was inspired by all that she does.  There may not be many that know that she recently battled cancer and to see how beautiful she'd decorated her home and shop, well I was inspired by her.  I was so pumped (as I always am when I leave her place) to come back and redo my house.  However, the time factor is not on my side right now.  I'm trying to get ready for the Winnie & Tulula's Christmas Window (no pressure here, right, you betcha) and trying to get ready for my family's Thanksgiving next week, so it's a busy busy time at my place.  But then again, it's always a busy time.

Let's go inside Ann's Home so that you can see for yourself just what wonderful vignette's she creates.  She's super talented and her Mom says she has a knack for putting something together quicker than anyone she knows and I believe it.  Just take a look:

 As you walk in her home, her dining room is to the left.  I loved her table settings, so festive.

 Here's a sitting area, with such cute things.


 Another close up of the table setting.

 Don't you love this dreamy setting, white mirrors, lights, trees all on her mantle.

 Old mirrors are always a favorite of mine, can't seem to get enough.

 To the right is her living room.  I just loved the old doors as a back drop to her couch area.

 Sandra's beautiful creations, pillows and more pillows.

 I've always admired this big architectural piece. 

 Arch windows are so hard to find.  I'm sure she's not going to part with this one for a while.

More white mirrors, pillows, and white column make the setting.

 She's ready for Christmas, so pretty.

 This is her front porch area.


Here she is with her beautiful Mom.  You can see hints of her kitchen area.


Check back soon for the rest of her home.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Truly...anyone and everyone inspires me. I couldn't possibly name just one person, sugar. YOU inspire me because you blog about so MANY different stores and that's truly sweet of you to do that. Also, you are so kind in just about everything you do! Kindness makes my heart sing, sweet chick.

  2. very pretty... thanks for sharing...



  3. I am wide open for Judy Hills December the 3rd, you can bring it on Teresa. I am however booked the 17th for a ladies ministry party. I am looking forward to meeting you... I might just pop over there (judy's)... my sister has been and loved it.
    Thank you for your comment on my grey post. You are darling and my first blog connection and friend. xxoo
    The Chateau is open for four or two whatever your preference...

  4. As always, your pictures are awesome. I enjoy looking at them since I can't be there "snapping" them myself. It IS such a busy time of year, and in a blink of an eye the holidays will be gone. Even though it's crazy I love this time of year. Take care.

  5. Hi Theresa, Polly's home is beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing these photos of it so we could all enjoy the beautiful view.
    I loved the pictures of her shop as well.

  6. Thanks, I needed some early Christmas cheer today. YOU are very inspiring to all of us.
    Hang in there during the hectic Holidays!

  7. What a wonderful home tour, truly inspiring. I guess I've got to get busy.


  8. The white mirrors look beautiful. Thank you for the great inspiration!
    I am going to get the paint brush going.............sandi

  9. I am inspired by anyone who steps out of the boat on faith and tries anything new. Those who follow their path and not others. Those who never stop learning...whether they are 8 or 80. The renegades in our business who do things their way instead of following others. And especially those who are kind without expecting anything in return. Lucky for me I know a great many who fit the bill!

  10. Hi Theresa, she has some wonderful inspiration going on there. Love all the mirrors on the mantle, and I'm crazy about that front porch. So true, blogging is my biggest source of inspiration around, so many people with great imaginations. I just got home from Brian and Meloney's Open House in the country. It was beautiful at night all lit up, I'm hoping I'll have some good photos to show. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I would love to be at W&T's for the open house. I'm hoping there will be plenty of photos!

  11. I love her porch area and the mantle is beautiful with all of those mirrors! Thanks for sharing the photos and tell her thanks for sharing her home : ) Have a nice weekend!

  12. wonderful post
    loved every bit of it!!


    barbara jean

  13. Can't tell you how MUCH I love the idea of ALL those different mirrors on the Mantle. ~~ So creative.~~ I have mirrors all over our house too, but never thought of having them piled up on the mantle. ( or someplace)


  14. A VERY inspiring and gorgeous home. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Happy day.

  15. I can see how you're inspired by this house -- it's amazing. Like you, I'm mainly inspired by blogs these days. Just got my Christmas Country Living and was so disappointed. It's just not the same. I'm also inspired by the homes of my sisters and several friends -- we have a very creative group. Thanks for the pics. Jan

  16. Girl that Ann and Sandra are some talented people! I wanna go!!

  17. what a beautiful home!!! thanks for sharing it with us:)

  18. Love the new look of your blog, I need to visit more often, have a wonderful holiday! Cheryl


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