Wednesday, December 30, 2009

H1N1 Flu Hits Home

My computer has H1N1 symptoms and will be down for a while.  Are you wondering what the symptoms are in case you need to be on the look out for this too:

•Fever - The monitor is very hot to the touch

•Coughing - There is a loud grinding noise when you are trying to work online

•Runny or stuffy nose - The computer is not running and is so slow you wonder if you'll be able to get to the next application and this is WITH high speed internet

•Headaches and/or body aches - The computer refuses to turn on and this becomes a headache for YOU!

•Chills - You get chills just thinking about all the virus' that are affecting your programs, and yes my friends this includes your pictures.  They are telling me they may not be able to save my pics.  My advise to you BACK THEM UP or you'll be sorry!

•Fatigue - You are the one fatigued trying to somehow recover all your lovely pics you've taken for at least the past year, from Show Pics to family pics, and in between and the thought that they may not be there is exhausting!  And, this doesn't even include important files you also have.

I am frustrated to say the least but hopefully soon I'll be back to blogging.  Please be hopeful with me that at least my pictures will not be lost.  Hope you all have a very blessed and prosperous New Year!



  2. Wishing you the best in getting rid of this mess!!! Love Tiina....

  3. This may sound silly to some people, but I'm praying that this will be worked out for you, with the computer "flu". I don't want you to lose all your great work that you've done. So Lord, please be with Theresa, and take control of this computer issue. Give her peace and let this be "fixed". In Jesus Name. thank you.

  4. So that's what's wrong with my computer!!! Let me see if I can get this typed before it turns itself off with no warning! I'm about to sit it all on the curb! Haven't been able to read a whole post of anybody of late let alone try to post any of my stuff! I'm not sure it will stay on long enough to back it all up! Hope you get yours fixed soon! Happy New Year! Blessings!

  5. So sorry your computer got a virus. So glad it wasn't you or anyone you know really sick with H1N1. We had a little boy die a few weeks ago because of it in a small town that we just moved from called Rotan. He didn't have a spleen and so when he got it his little body just wasn't able to fight it off. Hope your computer gets fixed soon.

  6. So sorry to hear that! My computer hasn't been the same since it became ill awhile back.

    Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy New Year!


  7. Teresa, you are so tech savvy, I'm sure you'll get it worked out soon. Thanks for the pic info.

  8. Awwww T, that's such a bummer! I know how much you love to blog, and how much we love to read your posts! Get that PC to the doc and get back online! Miss you girl!

  9. oh my gosh. i feel sick at my stomach thinking about it...i am hoping all turns out well and that ALL is saved.

  10. I know all about those computer problems, just got me a new computer about 2 months ago! Boy it's so fast! I love it! Good luck hope you get back on track soon!

  11. Theresa,
    Man do I understand! I just had to put my last computer to rest! Not pretty picture. Here's hoping that yours will get well very soon...miss all your inspiring posts!
    Very Happy New Year to you and your family!
    My Best

  12. Please God save Theresa's computer moves slower everyday...thank you for stopping by... Happiest of New Years and I hope your pc recovers quickly....

  13. Girl I have to check on your blog daily, it is a necessity! And all those gorgeous pictures- it has gotta be fixable!!!

  14. I've had to learn the hard way. There is a year and a half where I don't have any photos of my little children. It just makes me sick when I look through and those years are missing. We do back up now and i also go through and get them printed more frequently. I also keep all my photos on my camera until I've printed them.

    Good luck with your computer and best wishes in 2010.


  15. Oh, dear. Hope your computer is getting the treatment he needs and you're expecting a full recovery soon, Theresa. p.s. Happy New Year to you!

  16. That's my greatest nightmare right now, losing all my pics and blog/business related stuff. I really need to back-up my info, but I'm sort of blonde when it comes to all that.

    Hope your puter is restored to perfect health soon, we miss you!

    Happy New Year!

  17. Oh , so glad it's the computer and not you !
    Happy New Year!

  18. Poor Baby...I know exactly how you's maddening!!!! Good luck with your computer woes & may the New Year bring you absolutely NOOOOOOOOO computer maladies & only a fast, creative, hard working motherboard!!! ;)

  19. GET A MAC!!!! you deserve one!!!!!!!! poor you. poor computer. quick...come back. get well soon. we miss you!!!!!!


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