Saturday, December 05, 2009

Vintage Home Tours

Today my mother, brother, and I attended the Home Tour of Vintage Homes in our area.  It was such a pretty day that we walked from the four homes that we toured.  There was a bit of a chill in the air but it felt good to get out and walk.  We had a great time and enjoyed seeing the homes in their period state and even some of the clothing that originally belonged to the families.  We also saw Lois on one of the tours, she owns one of the Antique Shops in town.  Check out her blog when you get the chance.  The last house, Pritchett-Kellogg home had never been open for tours before and this was the first time allowing this.  It's a beautiful home.  Home you enjoy the tour:

 The Joshua Houston Home

 The Wynne Home

 The Gibbs-Powell Home

 The Pritchett-Kellogg Home

Do you want to see more of the Vintage Home tour, click here:

To read more of the history of Huntsville, click here.

Happy rest of the weekend to you all and I'll post more of Judy's Open House tomorrow.


  1. First? Cool! Beautiful tour! I love the older towns in Texas, where you can see such wonderful vintage homes.

    Come over, please, and join my Christmas giveaway, k? Bring your other readers, too. Everyone's welcome.

  2. what a great day you had- lovely homes -so enjoyed your slide show -thanks, especially the rooms with the wood horizontal paneling,It now feels like Christmas here -it is snowing for the first time in Massachusetts-

  3. Oh I love it!! You are in Huntsville. I go to church there. Small world. I love the pics. I have been wanting to take the Sam Houston tour again. I have always loved that place.

  4. I love, love, love old houses! I tried owning a house built in 1960 once and had so many problems with will just enjoy others renovations now. Have a great week!

  5. Theresa,
    I haven't figured out when you sleep or stay home, you are always on the go and posting and posting. Your amazing. Great slideshow.

  6. Really? It's a beautiful day in Huntsville? It's cloudy and a bit cold in Dallas. Thanks for sharing the tour. I enjoyed the pictures.

  7. It was great running into you and your Mom at the Gibbs Powell Museum House yesterday. Didn't you love the sneak upstairs to see how the kids lived? That is my favorite part of the house.
    Come to see us soon?


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