Wednesday, December 09, 2009

White Wednesday @ Cannon Falls

The other day I posted a picture on my header of a beautiful white home all sprinkled with winter snow. The home is the headquarters of the Seasons of Cannon Falls Company, located in Cannon Falls Minnesota.  I've loved this home ever since I saw it pictured in their book "Celebrating Home".

Can you picture yourself looking out the window as you sip hot chocolate or wassail.  Each season I make Percolator Punch, which is sort of like wassail, you can find the recipe here.  It makes the whole house smell so yummy.  But I must admit, my favorite winter drink is really spiced tea.  Cold iced tea in the summer and hot spiced tea in the Winter.  I think this is a Southern drink, that my aunt would make each winter for us and I've just continued the tradition.  I made a batch a few weeks ago and it was just about gone, until today when a friend of mine gave me a fresh batch she'd made.  Here's the recipe, hope you try it:

Spiced Tea Mix

1 1/2 cups instant tea powder
2 cups orange flavored instant breakfast powder (use Tang if you can find it)
1 (3-ounce) package lemonade mix
3/4 cup granulated sugar
(I would recommend using less sugar because it can be too sweet)

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground cloves
3/4 teaspoon ground ginger
  1. Combine all ingredients until well blended. Store mix in an airtight container.
  2. To make 1 cup of spiced tea: Place 2 teaspoons tea mix in a cup, add boiling water, stir and enjoy!
Makes 64 servings or 3 1/2 cups mix.  I sometimes tweak this recipe and will add more or less of some the ingredients depending on my mood.

I didn't mean to get off the subject of book, but just had to share the recipes with you.  Here are more pictures of the book for you to enjoy and to get you more excited that the Christmas season is just around the corner.


Will you travel for the holidays or spend it at home with family and friends?  Please share what your plans are, I'd love to know.  In whatever direction you take for the holiday, remember it's not just about the gifts, but you probably already know that, it's truly the love and fellowship and spending it with those that matter most in your life.  I wish you all a happy White Wednesday and Christmas season.


  1. thank you girlfriend for this lovely post

  2. I do believe it is a southern thing..spiced tea. I get super excited when it starts to get chilly and whip up some immediately.

  3. I have adored that house ever since I first saw it on your header. We will be spending our Christmas at home watching the babies open their gifts from "Santa". Blessings of joy to your family my friend.



  4. your comment today regarding Christmas is how my husband and I are going to enjoy it this year. I truly enjoy your blog and I am looking forward to meeting new blog frinds in fan of blogging xxxx Mary

  5. I was so thrilled to see that headquarters of SCF on your blog, I live about 20 minutes from there. Love that company and all their merchandise.

    We love Christmas Eve around my family. We have a candle light service at church (5:00 PM), when we get out, the neighborhoods surrounding our church has luminaries that go on for miles. We go to Nanna and Boppa's house, and all the grandchildren put on the nativity story for us. Then the mayhem starts withe present opening!

    Hope you have a very lovely Christmas!

  6. Hi Theresa, I too have always loved this house at Cannon Falls. I also love the book. Yes I would certainly love to live here! Heck, I'd just be happy to peep in the windows. here would be better.
    I love the banner you have here tonight. Just beautiful!
    Thank you for the spiced tea recipe.

  7. I have this book and I love it. My plans are to have my kids and any of my extended family over who want to come. The kids always come for brunch & spend the day. It's another day that we have to get use to not having G'pa with us but we're getting better at it. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season & great Christmas. Jan

  8. Thanks for the recipe...sounds great! I see why you love that house...I love it too! Hope you have a FUN day!


  9. I gotta try the Spiced Tea!!! Sounds yummy :)

    My son will be coming home tomorrow from college:) He's only a hour flight away, but feels like he's halfway aroung the world when he's at school :( So we will be spending the holidays at home with family & friends, enjoying the togetherness of the family.

    I love your blog :)

  10. Hi-
    When I was a kid my mom would make the same tea and I loved it! but we called Russian Tea...
    I also have that book and enjoy it.

  11. Love your pic of Cannon Falls..but love mire that you shared your recipe! Will try this weekend..and let you know! Thanks

  12. Beautiful.. that house is amazing and I love the sweet Let Nature Sing vignette.... Happy White Wednesday!

  13. Love your header picture!!!!
    I struggle so with my decorations but I love to look at other peoples... weird I know. I love spiced tea and hot chocolate when it's chilly and it is super chilly today. I am not too fond of snow, because no one in Texas nows how to drive in it and I feel trapped at home. That sounds funny from the biggest homebody you will ever meet...

    We will have a small gathering at my house on Christmas day. I spend Christmas eve with my husband munching all day long.

    I am going to go and look at the piano picture again... I see inspiration there.
    Theresa, Merry Christmas!

  14. Thanks to each of you for sharing what you will do this Christmas season, I loved reading them. That spiced tea is so good! I had a cup last night. Hope you all have a great day!

  15. What a GREAT house! A horse and sleigh should be sitting out front. I am not a hot drink lover, so pretty much winter, summer, spring or fall it is diet Coke for me! Mom, Dad and I will drive to Oklahoma and have Christmas Eve with my Mom's family (dinner and presents) and then get up and have Christmas morning and lunch with my Dad's side of the family. Then we drive home and have our own little Christmas celebration. Busy, but so wonderful to see everyone. Mom and Dad are moving on the 20th, so we will do Christmas at my house this year. One other family tradition we have is to adopt a nursing home. Several of our friends jump in my parent's RV the week before Christmas and we take them presents and sing Christmas Carols. Many of these folks don't even see family during the is WONDERFUL to spend time with them and they are so appreciative. We also stop and do a little antique shopping along the way!


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