Monday, December 07, 2009

Winnie & Tulula's

Due to personal reasons, I've decided to move out of Winnie & Tulula's at the end of December.  If you are interested in something please let me know and there is the chance I might could do better on the item.  I've really enjoyed being in Gloria's shop. It's such a pretty shop with some really great dealers, who I know work hard to find great things.  I will still be located in the Lufkin Tx shop, Heritage Antiques.

Thanks to the customers that have come out and bought from me in the six months that I've been there.  I wish Gloria and her crew much blessings.


  1. We are going to miss you Teresa. It's hard to maintain a space so a far away.


  2. sorry to hear and hope that all is are amazingly busy so i can imagine that leaving will be a relief on some level. things always work out the way they need too!

  3. It will not be the same without you, We will miss you. Hope to see you at the BIG RED BARN sale.

  4. Thanks Margo and Daphne, I will you too! Yes Daphne I will most definately be at the Red Barn, very exciting show as it always is, can't wait. Will you be there?
    Donna ~ you're a sweetie!
    Janet, you are not kidding, too many irons in the fire, thanks my friend.

  5. Hello
    Wishing you my best...change is good but hard sometimes.
    Your banner is fantastic!
    Have a good week

  6. Sure hope you aren't planning to stop blogging!

  7. Ilove your header picture. I'm sure whatever you decide to do is best for you. It was so sweet of you to swing by my blog and say hello. I hope you drop by any 'ole time. hugs ~lynne~

  8. It's hard to maintain two spaces, do shows, blog and work a full time job. I totally get it.

  9. Just want you to know that I am thinking about you and wishing you much success wherever you are!

  10. Teresa, I know what a hard decision that is to make. I was in Antiques & Moores in Arlington for 15 years & went back & forth trying to decide if I wanted to get out of the business or not. Sometimes... God steps in & helps with these decisions. They sold the building & I chose not to move into somewhere else. Follow your heart. I'm glad I got to meet you the night of the Open House at W&T. I didn't find anything that night to use my $50 Give Away prize but, I'll keep looking & maybe at your other shop. Merry Christmas & I hope you feel Peace with your decision. Hugs Charlene

  11. Well, I'm sad that I never made it up that way to see your W&T space, but I totally get it. I've often wondered how you managed to pull it all off, you have such a full plate. And you're someone who doesn't bother doing something unless they give 100%. It sounds like you still have way more than enough to keep you hoppin', and you remain on my "must-see" list at Heritage.

    Much love!

  12. We're just a bunch of nomads aren't we...trying to find the perfect home to rest our trash.I have no problems with it either it just spreads the love and keeps um on their toes...HA!

    I just hope your reasons are nothing serious...have a great holiday my Texas sista...


  13. Wish you great sales @ the Barn. I did not get my contract in before it filled up. Will miss ALL the great dealers there. Love your site, check it out regularly. Joyce Shillings

  14. Have no idea how you do as much as you do. Hope it works out & good luck with all your ventures. Jan


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