Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Wonderland

A few weeks back when we were all together we went to The Woodlands Tx to check out the Winter Wonderland.  The decorations and lights were so pretty at night. 

 While there I had to stop on over at Anthropologie.  I'm always so inspired by their creations.  Their ideas are usually over the top.  Most people go into the store to look at the clothes, of course, but I'm there for the displays!

 Big puffy cloud like flowers were their theme to resemble large snow balls.  I think it was large rolls of tissue paper made into flowers, we've all made them but their's were just fabulous.

Here's another view of the window.

I would say look at this dress, but you know I can't lie, so look at these puffy snow like flowers.

Now this was a cute idea.

More views of the inside of the store.  They are very particular about picture taking in the store so you almost feel like you're going to steal something, because you have to look around for sales associates and then quickly take a pic so that they don't see you.

Here's my crew.  I enjoyed the Winter scenes, but the best part was just enjoying spending time with my boys and girl (just love her, isn't she pretty, and the best part she's crazy about my son).  We ate at PF Changs and just had the best time.  

Are you through with your Christmas shopping yet?  In case you forgot there are only 11 days left until Christmas, 10 days for us since we celebrate on Christmas Eve. Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!


  1. That's my old stomping ground!!!!

    The pics are awesome and of course...Anthropologie is the best!

  2. Enjoyed your pictures! The blog header is gorgeous!!

  3. Great looking crew and yes she is beautiful -they are such a great match!!!! We are going to see the lights at The Woodlands next week, can't wait.
    Thank you for all your deco.- inspirations - stories on your blog! : )

  4. I love Anthropology! Like you said, I go in to see the displays and marvel at their creativity. We went looking at Christmas Lights this weekend...some folks really do it up right. A few needed a little help, but they still had the Christmas spirit.

  5. Now I am in a panic, errghh!
    Oh my goodness the snow flowers, what a great display.
    Have a great Christmas!

  6. G'morn ~ I enjoyed browsing thru your blog ... your pics are very pretty.

    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~Marydon

  7. I'm with you ... I go only for the displays ... they're amazing !! I can only window shop with the clothes ... way out of my budget ... but those displays don't cost a penny to look at !!


  8. If you'll look back on my blog to Miss Frenchie's weekend in KC, I show Anthropologies window there that is just like this one. They even had the same ostrich inside. And we ate at P.F. Chang's -- great minds. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  9. love, love, love that store! agree that i'd rather go for inspiration than the clothes! your family if beautiful!

  10. glad to see you made it at least this far down to Houston! :) After all, I am only 20 more minutes...but, alas almost 3 years later and still no visit??? :(

    Glad to hear ya'll all had a great time and YES you went to one of my FAV stores (besides the Yaya of course!)

    Have a beautiful Christmas!

  11. There was a really cool light show just like that down in the valley, looks like fun!

    As much as I love Anthro, I can only afford to shop there occasionally!

  12. OMG!*!*! We must be on the SAME wave-lenght - Just THIS MORNING - I just did my blog write up on ANTHROPOLOGIE too!!! ~ Check out the ANTHRO.displays in Highland Park Illinois - just north of Chicago... The manager was more than happy to let me "snap away"!!! Jeanine - ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  13. Love the Anthropologie pics! My daugher and I actually got escorted out of the Scottsdale store...I was taking pictures and the sales associate asked me not to and to please leave!! Yikes!! Felt like a criminal, but ooh the displays are always to die for! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

  14. I totally agree I have been watch the displays for years. And have never bought anything in the store.

  15. So now I know not to take pictures at Anthro. I learn alot here in blogland. Enjoy your week!

  16. They have taken merchandising to a new level...
    You boys are a handsome bunch.

    Theresa, the love story on your last post touched my heart, that is great big God love.
    I bet they did celebrate!

  17. great photos! I love
    antropologie too

    Happy Holidays- it is almost here.


  18. Love Antro! They always have the best displays. Oh, and btw, your blog header pic is AMAZING!

  19. you would blow their displays away if you could decorate their windows!! i think they steal looks the junkers have
    hope all is well...going to catch up on unread posts before my new favorite show hoarders comes on. you may see me on it one day.

  20. What other cities is this near? Thanks, Jennifer

  21. Your photos are always such a treat T. Wish I had an Anthropologie near looks lovely! ~LA

  22. I wish there was an Anthropologie somewhere within driving distance of where I live. It's certainly worth it just to go for the displays. Glad you had a great time with your family, Theresa.

  23. I grew up in Houston and I love seeing those lit doves flying across the bridge. I too go to anthropologie to look at the displays! FUn! Kelly

  24. 'm off to visit A. at the mall ...will sneak my cell phone camera in!!!

    this makes my heart stand still

  25. Love this post! I go to Anthro for the displays, too, and the occasional sale item for my house!! I am crazy for those big birds - aren't they cool? It is always an inspiration to visit there. Great post and great looking crew you had with you!

  26. Love Anthro, I recreated one of their displays in my home for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your pictures, it's fun to see the same stores display in other parts of the country!

  27. Dropping in to thank you for visiting me; I'm hooked now! I love your pictures here. You've got some good looking guys there :-) I'll be back to visit again; have a great Thursday!!

  28. What a great the store window!! Merry Christmas to you my friend,Chrissy

  29. Would love to go back to Anthropology but even more to Season's of Cannon Falls. Their displays are to die for and so much nicer to see in a home setting then a showroom.

  30. I love the big snowballs in the windows! Have a great weekend!

  31. Hi sweet T, lovin' the header! Hope you have a merry merry Christmas! Hello to Cruz from his "twin".



  32. Can you imagine one of those birds in every one of their's HUGE !!
    Love that store too. Like the fact that they have other things than just clothes in there.

    Even found some antique bottles.



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