Wednesday, January 13, 2010

White Wednesday in Canton

Since it's Kathleen's White Wednesday and I promised pictures of when we were in Canton a few weeks back, I wanted to show you some white things we saw in Canton.  We first stopped at the Canton Flea Market and we ran into Maggie of The Veranda and Lillie of The Junk Palace and after shopping the grounds we headed over to check out Laura Anna's Vintage Home.

Here are pictures of Laurie Anna's shop that was still decorated for Christmas:

Don't you just love the white plates and cabinet.

Here's a collage of what all I saw there (click on the picture).

You know I have to include pics of Maggie's and Lillie's space.  They were in the Civic Center or the Blue Building as I call it.  This is going to be their new home so you'll have to check them out if you go to Canton at the end of the month.

Maggie's space.  Loved the all the white.

Here's Lillie's space. The white table and pillows were so pretty.

Be sure and check out all the participants for White Wednesday on Kathleen's blog.  Hope you all have had a good day!


  1. Beautiful photos! Love the cabinet with the white dishes.

  2. Hi Theresa, One of these days I have to see Canton. I have a friend who owns a shop in Northern Ca. and she or her husband fly to Canton every month to sell. They have amazing things and they say so many great things about it. Thanks for sharing those pictures with us! Hope you had a great day

  3. Thanks for showing us all these wonderful photos Theresa. It is so nice to see especially for those of us who can't make it to these great places. I always look forward to your posts.

    Enjoy your week!


  4. Love that first cabinet!
    thanks for the tour


    barbara jean

  5. oooh, my goodness!!! they are ALL gorgeous spaces filled with the most beautiful goodies...thanks for sharing:)

  6. Love the Pictures T!!!!

    I'm especially digging the cabinet.

  7. Gorgeous! Love all the white!


  8. Sure like that little French white table...cute.
    Have a blessed day!

  9. How I wish I could have been on that shopping spree with you! I think there would be nothing left in the store! Beautiful!

  10. T, you just can't know how much I wish I was coming to the show! I'll have to settle for Renninger's. Best of luck to you and all my other buds. Tell them hello for me.



  11. Well, you can see I've not been online much over the past week. I'm just finding your sweet post! Thanks T, you are always such a doll! ~LA

  12. Such an awesome blog! Sure wish I was in your area to enjoy all the amazing things! Some day I hope to be at that sale. Perhaps next year.


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