Friday, February 12, 2010

40 Days Until the Shows Start!!

Can you believe we are 40 days away from being in Junker's Paradise!  It's actually less than 40 days because some of the shows start the weekend before, so if you are one of the lucky ones that goes out the weekend before then you are closer than you think. 

(Peg of French Vanilla's booth previously at Marburger)

I'm curious how many of you are coming out to the Spring shows this year?  Yes, I'd really like to know and I'd like to know if this is going to be your FIRST TIME out or you've been a faithful junker for many many years that never (or rarely) misses the shows (only a major disaster would keep you away ~ not even a hurricane has kept some of you away).  I've even read where some people plan their weddings around the shows (now that's some serious junkin going on). 

I'd also like to know if you are going to be a vendor and this WILL BE YOUR FIRST TIME selling (Anne are you reading this?)  For you seasoned vendors I'm sure if you can offer any pointers to these sellers they'd much appreciate it.  Curious minds want to know, so please share your experiences at the shows. 

Okay, here are my questions to you:

1.  Is this your first time going to the shows?  If so, what are your questions you have about the shows?  Do you realize just how big the shows are and how many towns this covers?  If you don't, click here to find out.

2.  Will this be your first time to set up as a vendor?  If so, tell us where we can find you.

3.  If you've previously been, has it been a good experience or bad one? 

4.  What is the best thing you have ever found at Round Top or Warrenton (or any of the surrounding towns for that matter)?

5.  What are some of the places you like to eat?  What town are they in?

6.  What are some of the places you like to shop (Zapp Hall, Marburger Farms, etc.)?  Not all the shows start the same day, so you might check here for each show's opening day.

7.  Do you have a favorite vendor?  I know you are probably thinking this is a trick question since so many of you like to be secretative where you shop.  It's not, I'd just like to highlight vendors that others may not know about and ya'll know I'm all for sharing information, my goodness how do you think we found Renee?

8.  How long do you normally stay (you come out for the day or you rent a place and stay several days)?

9.  What advise would you give someone that has never been to the shows (that could be a whole separate post in itself)?

10.  What do you recommend bringing when you come out to shop (shopping cart, food, water, liners to keep things in, cash, etc.)?  Remember some vendors only except cash and many are no longer excepting checks, but some are now excepting credit cards. You just have to check with the individual vendor.

11.  How do you dress for the shows?  I always recommend dressing in layers because the mornings normally start off cool but my mid-afternoon you probably won't need a sweater.  Now if you are coming out for the Junk Gypsy Prom, which this year is on Thursday, April 1st (uh oh April Fools Day), you can dress any way you want from wearing your cowboy boots with your prom dress to dressing as bazaar and weird as you desire to (and no, no one will judge you, we'll just take pics of you and post on the blogs for all to see)!  This is a fun time and not to be missed.  Check out the Elvis boys that showed up last year for the prom:

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!

12.  Will you be attending my Blog Party on Sunday, March 28th at 6pm?  Some of you have let me know and just a reminder that I'm hosting Jo Packham and Gina Galvin this year, click here to read more about it. 

13.  What are the show parties you like to attend?  We always plan for the Clutter Opening Day Party (Friday March 26 @ 4pm), Leftover's Antique Shop Party (Saturday March 27), of course My Blog Party (Sunday March 28), and The Junk Gypsy Party (Thursday April 1st).

14.  What is your most memorable event that happened at the shows (getting stuck in the mud, like last show is one thing that comes to mind but if it was you it may not have been a good thing) or the most memorable person you met at the shows (you just never know who you'll run into there)?

Please let me know your thoughts on the shows.  Now on to last week's Urban Market.  You'll probably have to wait for the weekend to see what I found at The Urban Market last Sunday, but I promise I'll do a post on it.  I also promised to show you who all we hung out with:

Amy of Bloom and Bee Swanky and Beverly (Hills-as my husband called her).  You can see a few things we found in Houston in the back of the truck, but I'll show you more.  Amy's also having a giveaway, so be sure and check out her blog for details.  Happy Friday to you all!!


  1. Good Morning... I just crawled out from under my rock and see on your blog that there are AMAZING antique shows that I have apparently been missing. Now mind you I have crawled out from this rock before and read about some of these shows in C.L. or my greatly missed C.H. mags but never did I understand that they were all together at the same time! You folks are sooooo lucky to have such a thing!!! I try not to be jealous or envious (I mean there are people with nicer rocks than mine so it's not easy) but omg I so need a vacation to play with all of you! That looks like the best time ever... Theresa

  2. FIRST ~~we check the weather map..and then head out for Margurger Farms for one day..and then usually come back a day or so later..and check out as many of the rest of the venues another day...we only about 1.30 minutes from Round Top.
    We mever care of go on "opening day"...just too crowded.
    It's really a 3 or 4 day do it TRUE justice.
    I count the days TOO.
    THANKS FOR ALL THE GOOD LINKS...they is so helpful.
    Have never been to the URBAN MARKET...we are not too crazy about driving towards "downtown" in all that traffic...but I would really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to go. Is is most furniture..or as wide a variety as Round Tops shows ?


  3. Theresa, the shows are really great and as Rose said yes you'd need several days just to see it all. I'd love for you to come out to Texas, anytime, she'd have a blast.

    Rose, you are right there are huge crowds on opening day, but that's when I find some of the best things. Of course, things can be found all throughout the week as well. Urban Market vendors offers a wide variety of things. I did a previous post on it and you can check out my slide show to see it all. Have a great Friday.

  4. Oops sorry Theresa, meant to say you'd have a blast and yes Rose would too!

  5. Hi!!
    Last year was my first year and I learned alot!!
    I already had my cart, but I'm going to figure out how to pack my own where to sit. I will definitely bring some snacks and allow for more time. This show was WAAAAAAAAYYYY bigger than I imagined!!!

  6. Hello
    Well I am happy to say this year will be my first year at the shows. Jo has so graciously asked me along so I am thrilled to be going. I have wanted to go for years but just haven't taken the time away from the shop. I know a lot of dealers who have sold there and they do well. Deb at YaYa Chique has offered to show me around, bless her sweet little heart. So I really don't know what to expect but I am so looking forward to meeting you and everyone else down there.

  7. I so wish I was able to come. It'll be as a shopper my first time, and then, who knows. So jealous. Lucky lucky you guys.

  8. We will certainly be there...Lord willing. We've just shopped and we've shown, but there is always great stuff and fun people. Wear comfortable shoes and bring hand wipes. Be prepared for rain, wind, heat, cold. After all it is Texas. If we are there on Sunday, will definitely attend your party, Theresa! Can't believe we are so close to the show.

  9. I usually go down early. This year it will be Thursday the 25th.
    I stay in the Brenham area. Sometimess I drive down from my in-laws in Waco and just spend a day.
    The Warrenton field area is my favorite. I always have my cart (lined with my burlap coffee sack of course) filled with a small bag with baby wipes,tissues, peanut butter crackers,camera,chapstick and money. Instead of a purse, I occasionally use a vintage camera bag. I will try to send more info as I think of it...

  10. Hi - I am seriously considering coming down there for my first time! Never been to Texas - which airport would I fly in to? And does anyone have an idea how I could get one of those carts on the plane?? Do they rent/sell them there? I would come w/ an almost empty suitcase :-)..I'd be coming from NH and be all alone :-(..

  11. Hi Wandalee, they have colapsable suitcases that fold flat that have wheels that you could bring, I'm not sure you could fit a cart on a plane and I don't know of any places there that rent carts. There are two airports to fly into if you are going to Houston, Intercontinental or Hobby Airports and there's one in Austin, Bergstrom. Both Austin and Houston are a little over an hour from the shows, just in the opposite directions. I went onto your blog but didn't see an email option, but if you have any questions you can always email me at I do hope you get to come out. One more thing if you are considering coming to the shows you might want to start looking to rent a hotel/motel or B&B really quickly because these places fill up really fast. Some of the B&B's book 6 months in advance.

  12. I'm a newbie to Texas (houston) and I am so SAD that I missed the Urban Market. But I JUST found you the day AFTER the market, and boy was I upset. However, I am really, really excited that you are here, to show new kids like me where to go, what to see, what to wear. It sorta feels like you're a big sister guiding me, the freshman, around the high school campus on the first day of school. So THANKS!!!!! I hope to meet you and would love to attend the blog party, if time and toddler allow this mama to escape for a bit :)
    Jen @

  13. Theresa, you actually think this can be answered in a comment box? Oh girl this is a fantastic post! I have posted it out on my twitter page....looking forward to seeing the response, I hope you don't mind! I linked them right to your blog. This is a whole other post just for my answer! Awesome topic!

  14. First let me say OMG only 40 days!

    Faithful junker, wouldn't miss it for the world.

    Me a seasoned vendor...well let's just say vendor.

    1. Not my 1st time.
    2. Not my 1st time to set up. you can find me at The Big Red Barn & Marburger Farms.
    3. Previously been many times. AWESOME!
    4. WOW this is hard. I have bought a ton of great things there!
    5. Klumps, Round Top. The Oaks, LaGrange Mexican rest... and my own kitchen!
    6. Everywhere! You never know what you are going to find! Some of my favorites are moving this year from their long time locations, so if you are looking for a dealer, make sure to contact them before the show to get their new location.
    7. Sooorrry Theresa, if you tell toooo many people about a good thing, well then it just isn't a good thing anymore ;-)
    8. 14-20 days.
    9. If you are a rookie, just try to take as much in as you can and don't get overwhelmed. There is always next season.
    11. Dress in layers, bring rain gear, bring your rubber boots and gloves. Over the body purse or backpack for easy use of your hands! As far as the prom...all the years of me doing the show, I have yet to have gone to the prom ;-(
    12. I want toooo! Soooo bad! Now that the time is changed, I might get it done!
    13. I try to hit leftovers,but sometimes doing 2 shows leaves you feeling like you have a bad I have missed this party before ;-( I am always at the party opening night at the Big Red come and see me there!
    14. A few years ago, Spring show it was snowing and freezing rain...CRAZY! Most memorable person...well let me see I am always star struck to see any celeb is thrilling but I have meet Frank Bielec from Trading Spaces, Rachel Ashwell, Mary Emmerling, Sue Whitney those were all thilling!
    A tip to the shoppers...if you pay to enter a show do yourself a favor and don't just do a "drive by" of the booths, get your money's worth and really get in there and look at each booths contents you never know what you will find! Last but not least, don't be afraid to ask for a better price, you might just be suprised that you leave with the thing you loved!

  15. Hi Theresa,
    I hope I can make it. I have been once and I am dying to go back. I actually met you when I was there and YOU were one of my favorite vendors!!!

  16. I won't be there to see your beautiful things. I am sneaking away to France :)....but all for a good reason. I may be setting up in Brimfield in May....and Texas the next year! That is if I can get my act together in time. Send all the advice that you have my way!

  17. enticing photos of Cat Daddy to get 'em there? If I tried to answer all the questions it would turn into a post!

  18. You betcha I'm reading this! I can't wait!

    I'll be arriving early on Monday, March 22nd, to help Effie get set up. I'll be there all the way through Sunday, April 4th.

    We will be in Bar W Field, and although I'll be selling a few things, I'm primarily there to help the Warrenton vet Effie in her space and to LEARN from a pro!

    My fave vendor last year was Troy and Rod from Junk Exchange. They had awesome stuff, but they're skipping it this year for Canton. Boo! :-(

    My trip to Warrenton last Fall was one of the single most exciting days of my life! I cannot urge you enough to just GET THERE!!! It's Disneyland for junkers!

    See you there, sweet T! :-)


  19. I have to go .... I have to go !! I have been dying to go for a few years now and get overwhelmed because I have heard it is sooo big !!
    I am picturing myself getting there and not knowing where to go first ~
    FUN FUN !!

  20. What a great blog! Love the information. I am new to the Land of Blog and have just come to realize that these antique shows are the place to be. My daughter and I will get to experience this show for the very first time and we can't wait!

  21. So wish I was a bit closer to your area! I have heard so much of these shows and dream of not only going and someday set up.
    Dreaming of a trip there!
    Have a great show!

  22. you know, this ain't my first rodeo! i'm one of those...nuthin' will keep me away! and i can't wait! see you so very soon!

  23. I soooo enjoyed your last Warrenton blog party. I would love to go back. I know it won't be possible to make the Spring show but I am holding out hope for the Fall show. I am so bummed that I will be missing it. I will pine over the blog posts. LOL


  24. CAN't WAiT to see ya in WaRRENtON!!! and thanks again, as always. . THANK YOU for the shout out!!!! MUCH LovE and JUNK to YOU!!!
    amie sikes
    the junk gypsy co


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