Saturday, April 10, 2010

Do You Know Ethel?

Today, we ran down to Tyler (as if this is just down the street, it's actually about 2 1/2 hrs. from my home) to see Ethel and find treasures for our upcoming show at Amy's shop, Bloom and Bee Swanky on April 23.  Ethel has a shop in Tyler Texas, Ethel's Treasure Quest, and she's located in Winnie and Tulula's in Athens AND... she also sets up in Canton.  I've featured Ethel several times from when we've seen her in Canton and in W&T, but I've don't think I've ever featured her at her shop.

Many would like to keep her a secret and several I'm sure have found her and shopped with her but never told a soul about her, but you know what.  Ethel works really super hard in this business and I just feel it a great honor to not only call her a friend but be able to share her great treasures with you.  She told me the last time I featured her someone contacted her from the pictures they saw on my blog and she shipped the item to them, now that's a happy day.

I have shared Ethel's place with several friends and she told me that after the show she saw Laurie and TOT, who found some things to take back home with them.  Okay, I hear you, I know you want to see pics:

There's Ethel standing in front of her shop.

Her shop is filled from top to bottom full of wonderful things.

This is only a small sample of what you will find here and come next week, it might be sold.

Loved these three planters:

I thought they were made of heavy concrete, but they are actually very light weight.  No, I didn't buy them, but maybe I should have, they were cool.

Just an array of wonderful things:

Loved the girl in the planter, so many possibilities.

I hope if you are in Tyler, you'll stop by and see her, she's located at 731 N. Bois D'Arc in Tyler, or call her if you are headed that way 903/830-8173.  You can also find her at Winnie & Tulula's or look for her in Canton.  She said she's moving back out to the Pavillians.  I'll show you tomorrow what we saw at the Barn Sale in Deer Park and I'll resume my Warrenton/Round Top posts on Monday.  Happy weekend to you all!


  1. YES, I know Ethel, when I lived in Tyler shopped there frequently! Love her.... if you love Ethel then you will love the Gipson Girl... have you met her?? SHe helped me with staging inside of home when we were on tour... let me know if you have not and will give you details!

  2. I have never ever gone into her space at Canton and not bought something! She always has the good stuff!

  3. Just read Val's comment....the Gipson Girl shop is fabulous! I haven't been there in a couple years, but am always inspired when I get to visit!

  4. I know Ethel too. One of my sisters used to live in Tyler & on one of our visits there, we found her shop. What a treasure. And you are so right, people really do like to keep her a secret. We loved Tyler & the whole area. Jan

  5. I wish i did!!! Her place looks wonderful!! Hope all is well. I have not visited in a while. Fell like I have been living at the antique mall I manage! LOOOOng days. Hugs, Janna

  6. I love Ethels! We made sure to stop there on our way home from the show! She has the best stuff!

  7. I was fortunate to meet Ethel when I had a shop in Lindale back in the late '90s. She was my first customer and if I remember right...she was just getting started. I've always tried to share her and other shopping sources with others...remember where you heard of her first? 'Course anyone who tried to keep her a secret was doomed as soon as the newspaper article came out about her.
    She's a beautiful lady inside and out.

  8. You told us about Ethel and we too went to see her at her shop in Tyler... you are always so generous with your information.... many including Ludmil and I thank you. Love Linda

  9. I live very close to Tyler and have never been here but,plan to soon...have a blessed Lord's day....

  10. Love your new banner.
    That was one Beau-ti-ful booth at the Marburger Farm. I wanted to give Jo a hug, but she was rather busy signing books and all.
    I know it was a long day, and you saw so many people, but i was one of the two women who met you at (i've already forgotten her name), the birthday gal's booth inside a building. She sells flashcards, and words, and lots of white things.
    A visual delight to take in.
    My friend has dark long hair and a big smile, and i am the dirty blonde with shorter hair that looks very puffy and tired. Anyway, i do follow your blog. One of many inspiring ones. But, i stumbled across yours just recently, that's why i didn't reach over and give you a hug on site.

    This trip was on my bucket list, and my two best friends made it a point to haul me over there and make it happen.
    Unfortunately, we are new to the blogging world-so we missed out on Zapp Hall, which seems to be where most of the bloggers i follow were stationed at.
    I would love to try again in the fall, if i am well enough. And if you would, be so kind as to post some sort of quick guide.
    Like where to go and when to go for all that beautiful eye candy, and to meet all of you inspiring women who give me a purpose to get out of bed each morning, along with the Lord, and my family-I
    I would so appreciate it.
    I'm from the southern part of LA, so east TX is not a far stretch for more local markets throughout the year, i could attend.
    Which ones would you recommend?
    Well, as soon as i can get my eldest daughter to help post my picts of Round Top on my blog, you will be able to put a name to a face.
    It's my7sparrows.blogspot. com.
    Come see, i took several of the booth we met in with bday gal. She's so sweet.
    I did get to hug her.
    It's so fun to meet women from all over with a common thread of God, and family, and creating.
    I really am happy i was able to go.
    And i am blessed to have such sweet friends who care enough to take the time to help my dreams come true.
    love, marilyn

  11. I "wish" I knew Ethel! Great stuff, great pictures. We've got some of those big urns at our store that are light. Now sure what they are made out of, but they still have a great look without the weight!
    Take care, Sue

  12. I am going to call you one weekend and make you take me to ALL these wonderful places you post about. Ethel's place looks GREAT. I will have to look for her at Canton.

  13. Oh, I want to live near you! You go to the coolest places, meet the greatest people and take the best picyures.
    keep it coming...


  14. I love Ethel and her store. Glad you had fun in Tyler. I think the secret is out and I'm glad for her.
    We just need to get her blogging.


  15. I have never been to Tyler, Texas, but the name has been stuck in my head since I was little, no idea why because I grew up in Oregon and I've always wanted to visit...not I have another REALLY good reason!

  16. I would be there in a ding dang minute!! You are so sweet to always feature others on your blog!
    I have put Ethel on my list of places to get too when I get to Texas!!
    Hope your day is great!

  17. ethel is the cutest and you are so right, she works darn hard to find the best of the best! glad you did a post on her, she deserves it!


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