Thursday, April 08, 2010

Have You Been To Leftover's?

How many of you that when you come out to the shows, attend the Leftover's Party that's normally on the first Saturday of the shows?  If you've never had the pleasure of attending their party and seeing their awesome displays, well, words can't describe it and you'll just have to see the shop for yourself. 

Ed and Michael, owners of Leftover's, leave no stone unturned.  They decorate the shop to the nines.  I know I've been told they have decorating bunnies that hop in the night and sprinkle their decorating magic, but if you knew these guys you'd know they are talented in their own rights.

See for yourself:

Want to see more, click here.

Next time you drive through Brenham, make time to stop at Leftover's on Hwy 290.  You'll be glad you did.


  1. We did finally stop in there on the last trip to Roundtop last week.
    Did you get any good pictures from your Blog Party?
    hope you had a good show.

  2. Hey girl,
    You are terrific, Jo and I had a blast at your party. You really knock yourself out, coordinating that so people can meet and greet.
    we were thrilled to be a part of it, ANYTIME !!/ p.S.I lOVE THE HEADER.....You can find those treasures at a showroom for Peacock Park Design soon. I am glad you liked it.....

  3. I've seen pictures before and believe me, "if and when" I get to one of the Texas shows I definately want to check them out! As always thanks for the photos.
    Take care, Sue

  4. Girl, I was so bummed that you got there as we were leaving. Missed having your beautiful face in my pics.



  5. oh totally gorgeous, how I would love to go there and visit!
    (way over in Australia!)

  6. I am so glad i found your blog..My good friend at Leftovers;; told me about your (Carolyn M;;) I cant wait to read all through your blog and figure out this blog party thing.sounds fun!

    I live in Hempstead! Blessings, Holly


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