Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Warrenton Highlights

There are only 2 more posts left of the shows after this one.  I thought with this post I'd show more great antique shows that could be found in Round Top/Warrenton.  Now that you've seen so many of my posts you can now get how big the shows are and I didn't even cover a lot of them.  So, if you are considering coming out in the Fall, be sure and give yourself a few days to see it all, but then you may still not even be able to cover all that there is to see here.

This was Renee's booth of A Junk Queen.  She's located in Bar W:

Next, on must stop places to visit is with Jill Suzanne.  She's located at the show, Little House on the Hill show, in the middle of Warrenton. 

And, yes she did have the best smelling candles that seem to burn forever.

Finally, let's stop off at Gina's space at Zapp Hall:

Wasn't this just too cute.

Gina just has a way of pilling it all together and making it look great.

I just love how she decorates.  Check back tomorrow for another post of the shows. 


  1. With every post that you publish I just want to go back more and more and more and more...


    How many weeks 'til the fall show?


  2. everything looks out of this world gorgeous!!!

  3. wonderful photos and a great post. I enjoy visiting your blog. Sea Witch

  4. I'm so glad you took so many photos! I got to go after all....through you! It was certainly cheaper that way!

  5. Thank you for sharing your photos of Warrenton - all gorgeous and perfect for those of us that couldn't make it. Always a delight to stop by. Hugs - Julie

  6. Great photos. Everytime I see some I hate it that I didn't get to go. Glad you loved the old houses in Calvert. They are amazing. I am off to Savannah for Petticoats & Parasols& get to meet Jodie of Everything Vintage. I am so excited. I'll post photos when I get back. HUGS! Charlene

  7. How on earth did I miss that clock at Renee's???? Gina is such a huge (even if she is tiny) talent.


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