Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Weekend

As you know, we were in Waco this weekend for Amy's Open House and had such a great time.  I can't wait to tell you about and... she surprised us with a wonderful stay in the most awesome place I've ever stayed at, but you'll just have to wait and see not only her beautiful shop but also where we stayed.  I'll post all about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, head on over to Debra's Blog and check out Melonie and Brian of The Seed Box's new cute cottage shop.  It's so fabulous that I want to move in.  What a great job they did constructing it:

Now, I want to take a trip to see it in person.  Debra will be doing several more posts of it, so you'll want to make sure and check out her blog.


  1. Hey Theresa! Thanks for the link and shout out, I can't wait to do the next post, their place is like going to Disneyland! Don't know if I told you, but Brian and Mel both said to tell you Hi!
    hugs and love,

  2. it's so cute! they always do such a spectacular job as everything.



  3. Hi Ms. Theresa!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, El Rancho Not So Grande. I am going to sneak away from my animal rescue volunteer work on May 1st and come visit you at the Montgomery Antiques Show!!!

    My Mom and Dad went to Round Top for the last week of the show. I so wished I could have been there with them! They had a blast!

    Looking forward to seeing your wonderful displays in person!

    Cathi (Calsidyrose)

  4. THERESA!!
    Your header room was designed just for me!! It is beckoning me to shop and take it all in... Love your blog, I want to move in :)



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